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Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the discipline that applies engineering physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines. The Mechanical Department at Sagar Institute has been functioning since the inception of the institution and comprises various modern laboratories and workshops in order to cater to the needs of the students undergoing the B.Tech program.

The laboratories of Applied Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Material Testing, Hydraulic Machine, Machine Dynamics, Production Engineering, Internal Combustion Engine Lab, Thermodynamics lab, Heat and Mass Transfer lab, RAC lab, TOMM Lab, DOM Lab, FM Lab, MC & MT Lab, Automobile Lab, ED Lab and Machine Design Lab, etc. adorn the pride of the department. The workshops and laboratories are well equipped with modern tools and operative charts and with the necessary equipment and machinery of the latest generation which gives insight to the students for future technological support in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Students are trained by highly skilled laboratory technicians to perform the jobs such as welding, molding, designing, fitting, shaping, cleaning, grinding, testing, etc. so as to make them competent to face the challenges in the job market.

The department strappingly focus on imparting practical knowledge to the students and categorizes a national level working model competition titled “Nirmaan” every year. The department also keeps itself modernized and rejuvenated through SISTec Mechanical Engineers Association (SMEA) a body of budding technocrats that works to systematize different technical events at the college level. The extraordinary mechanical engineering labs and modernized workshops are an integral part of the department to upgrade and diversify the technical skills of students.

M.Tech in Machine Design

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at SISTec offers a program in M.Tech. in Machine Design which deals with principles and techniques for designing machines, mechanisms, power generation units, automobiles, which are specialized activities of machine designers from an engineer’s perspective. A design engineer may have been trained as an engineer (mechanical, electrical, controls, etc.), a physicist, a chemist, a tribologist, a material scientist, a computer scientist, or even a machinist.

This program offers an integrated approach to designing a wide range of mechanical systems using interrelationships between force, stress, and failure analysis in present world design. Advanced computational and analysis tools are incorporated to enhance the capability of the designer. The scope of the course ranges from conventional design to design code to highly sophisticated and advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

The objective of the program is to produce quality design engineers to cater to the needs of the relevant industry. A really good one is knowledgeable in all those fields in addition to knowing much about dimensional metrology. A designer crosses many disciplines and a machine designer often requires multi-disciplinary teams in industries. Industry leaders have learned that to maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace, one must continually improve their activities.

M.Tech in Thermal Power Engineering

M. Tech. in Thermal Power and Engineering aims to enhance the skills of the student by giving them training on Thermal Power and Engineering under the domain of Mechanical Engineering. Our teaching methods have the basic knowledge that the students carry after passing engineering to the level of applied knowledge in engineering design and power sector industries. The faculty has wide experience ranging from erection, to commissioning of different projects.

SISTec offers an M.Tech program in Thermal Engineering designed to provide sound and in-depth training in various aspects of design, manufacture, testing, control, and evaluation of Thermal Engineering. The course content aims at developing the necessary analytical and technical competence among thermal power engineers.

Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear, and Electrical Power are very important for the development, growth, and progress of any country. The growth rate of 9% in the power sector is maintained by the Government of India by increasing their capacity of power generation, like by installing thermal plants, and hydro plants in different locations of India. With this, the demand for engineers in the field of Thermal Power will be much required to create new opportunities. M.Tech. in Thermal Power Engineering will offer students in-depth training in various aspects of designing, manufacturing, testing, controlling, and evaluating thermal power equipment.

Seats Availability

Program Intake (SISTec) Intake (SISTec-R) Intake (SISTec-E) Total Number of Seats
B.Tech. 120 90 90 300
M.Tech. 36 - - 36

Skill Based Training Modules

  • AMZ Training
  • ATV Training
  • Automobile Training
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Product Development
  • Mechatronics

Major Facilities

  • Automobile Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Heat Exchanger Lab
  • In-House E-Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Internal Combustion Engine Lab
  • Mechatronics Lab
  • Thermal Engineering Lab

Major Achievements

  • Dr. Abhishek Choubey, Most Innovative Use of Science & Technology, Jagran Josh Award
  • Dr. Rashmi Dwivedi, Reviewer - Elsevier (Material Today)
  • Dr. Ruchin Kacker, Reviewer - Polymer Bulletin and Corrosion Review Journals
  • Dr. Sanjay Chhalotre, "Mentor of Change" for Govt of India’s program Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL)
  • Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Reviewer - Elsevier (Green Energy Journal)
  • Mr. Ansh Mishra's startup featured in "Top 10 Startups" during InnoNext 2.0 Challenge
  • Team Power Generation by Footsteps, Most Innovative Educational Project, Jagran Josh Award

Distinguished Alumni

Name Company Designation
Mr. Abhijeet Singh BYJU’s Regional Manager
Mr. Akib Abdulla Kadvekar ZF Group (Slovakia) System Engineer
Mr. Faiz Khan Alganic India Pvt Ltd Entrepreneur
Ms. Garima Dutta VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd Program Manager
Mr. Kapil Deshmukh Mahanagar Gas Limited Executive Engineer
Mr. Kunal Verma BYJU'S Business Development Trainee
Mr. Mukund Madhav Sharma Niros Ispat Ltd Senior Engineer
Mr. Nishkam Ashtmargi Department of Revenue, GOI Excise Inspector
Mr. Rohit Kumar Wiltz Group (Qatar) Technical Manager
Mr. Subhash Kumar BYJU’s Business Development Associate
Mr. Tanay Jain Fresh Way Food Co. (Dublin) Quality Assurance Officer
Mr. Vipin Singh Tomar TCS Assistant System Engineer

Branch Toppers (Dec - 2021)

Enrollment No. Name Semester
0187ME211023 Krish Awasthi 1st Sem (9.71 SGPA)
0187ME201081 Taha Ali 3rd Sem (9.50 SGPA)
0187ME201094 Yashika Rai 3rd Sem (9.50 SGPA)
0187ME191053 Mohd. Sahil Khan 5th Sem (9.42 SGPA)
0187ME181012 Anshul Raj 7th Sem (9.46 SGPA)
Enrollment No. Name Semester
0537ME211013 Irfan Mansuri 1st Sem (9.38 SGPA)
0537ME201043 Nitesh Kumar 3rd Sem (9.58 SGPA)
0537ME201082 Vishal Chouhan 3rd Sem (9.58 SGPA)
0537ME191006 Ansh Mishra 5th Sem (9.54 SGPA)
0537ME181013 Neeraj Kushwaha 7th Sem (9.04 SGPA)
Enrollment No. Name Semester
0536ME211023 Nandkishor Anuragi 1st Sem (9.48 SGPA)
0536ME201024 Shradhha 3rd Sem (9.88 SGPA)
0536ME181005 Naresh Lodhi 7th Sem (9.17 SGPA)