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CII MP Inspire Conference

Date : 21-06-2024

Department : College Level Event

Event : Conference

CII Madhya Pradesh, in collaboration with AMWAY, organized the "CII MP INSPIRE Conference: Women Challenging Stereotypes and Breaking Barriers" at Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec. This landmark event focused on celebrating and empowering women entrepreneurs, aiming to bridge the resource and support gap they face, ensuring they have the necessary tools and opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential.

The conference commenced with welcome remarks by Mr. Pulkit Sharma, Chairman of CII Bhopal Office and Director of Daulat Ram Engineering Services Private Limited, and Mr. Chandra Bhushan Chakraborty, Senior Vice President & Regional Head – East & West, Amway India, delivered inspiring addresses. Mr. Chakraborty emphasized the crucial role of women entrepreneurs in driving economic growth and societal progress, noting that women own 20% of the 63 million MSMEs in India and employ up to 27 million people. A virtual address by Ms. Nirmala Bhuria, Hon’ble Minister of Women & Child Development, GoMP, and a special address by Ms. MALTI RAI, Mayor of Bhopal and our chief guest for the conference further underscored the significance of empowering women entrepreneurs. There were two Panel Discussions conducted where session I focused on Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Embracing Failure and Learning from SetbacksModerated by Ms. Jyotsna Sanghi, Chairperson & Managing Director of SGS Motors Pvt Ltd, Bhawna Dehariya, a renowned mountaineer and Mount Everest summiteer, and Ms. Sheena Chawla, Co-Founder of Liv365 and Amway representative. The discussion delved into the gender gap in entrepreneurship, exploring societal norms, networking barriers, and cultural biases.
Session II: Start to Scale: Strategies for Women-Led Businesses to Thrivemoderated by Ms. Eshaa Patel, Executive Director of Madhyanchal Professional University, this session included speakers such as Ms. Eesha Kalia, Financial Consultant & Founder of Vigya Inc., Ms. Meghal Singh, Founder & Managing Director of Mommy’s Chicken and Food Pvt Ltd, and Ms. Aneeta Madhok, Managing Director of Open Spaces Consulting. The panel discussed strategies and best practices for women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, emphasizing financial literacy, startup culture, and the importance of mentorship.
The CII MP INSPIRE Conference aimed to recognize and celebrate the significant contributions of women entrepreneurs to society. By creating employment, driving demographic shifts, and serving as inspirational role models, these women are not just entrepreneurs but catalysts for change. The event highlighted the importance of providing women with the tools and support necessary to build successful businesses and promote health and well-being, ultimately contributing to a thriving nation.