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Computer Science & Engineering with Internet of Things

B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering with Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be described as a network of physical objects (things), embedded with certain sensors, software, and other technologies with the purpose to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. This technology mostly can be seen in smart homes or home automation where various devices and appliances are connected to a central network and can be controlled via devices such as smartphones and smart speakers. It is a full system of multiple digital machines transformed into interconnected computing devices.

B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering with Internet of Things is a 4-year undergraduate engineering degree program. Students opting for this program will study all the essential core Computer Science & Engineering courses and in addition, will study electives related to the Internet of Things. Upon completion of the program, students shall have a thorough knowledge of computer science and a firm grip on wireless communication, computer networks, IoT devices, systems, and networking.

After completing this program, students can venture into this field with profiles of IoT Engineer, IoT App Developer, IoT Solution Architect, IoT Devices System Administrator, and IoT Scientist to name a few.

Seats Availability

Program Intake (SISTec) Intake (SISTec-R) Intake (SISTec-E) Total Number of Seats
B.Tech. - - 60 60
M.Tech. - - - -

Branch Toppers (Dec - 2021)

Enrollment No. Name Semester
0536IO211027 Sujal Sharma 1st Sem (9.38 SGPA)
0536IO211034 Veerendra Kumar Yadav 1st Sem (9.38 SGPA)
0536IO211009 Jitendra Singh 1st Sem (9.29 SGPA)
0536IO211028 Tejasvi 1st Sem (9.29 SGPA)
0536IO211022 Satyam Mishra 1st Sem (9.24 SGPA)
0536IO211035 Yashwant Verma 1st Sem (9.24 SGPA)