Faculty Coordinator:  1. Mr. Amir Nasir (EX)-9039746202

  Md. Aamir Hussen (ME) -8109348607
Coordinator (Student): – Sarvesh Rahate (SAC)

Event Description: A photography contest among various competitors.

Team Size: Individual

Rules and Regulation:

It’s open for all the photographers of different institutes.
We’ll ask them to submit 5 photos to us. We’ll give them the theme “Street Colors : Street Photography”. While submitting these 5 photos an amount of Rs.100 will be taken from each of
Our team will then shortlist the top out of these 5 of each photographs submitted.
From the shortlisted one’s we’ll again screen the top 80 from it, who will compete among each other for the photo exhibition and the cash prize.
Now for these 80 photographs we’ll give them the confirmation that you’re photos have been shortlisted for the exhibition and the competition.
We’ll ask them to pay Rs.200 for the framing now from these top 80 photographs.
On the days of the events our judge will then announce the winner of the competition with the cash prize, certificate and the frame.
Rest of the participants will be given the participation certificate along with their frames.
And for all those who couldn’t make to the exhibition round will be given DIGITAL CERTIFICATE with the genuine authorisation of the college.”
Entry Fee: *Initial Rs.100 , *for exhibition Rs.200 (printing and framing)  

Last date of submission: 16/03/19 (till 9 Pm)

Prize Money: Rs. 5000 /-

Venue: Smart Class , near First year cell ( Main Building )

Time: 2 Days ( 48 hr. )     

Date: 19 and 20 March 2019

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