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Looking towards 2019 and in coming years, it is not just about committing to a job and career planning, but more about how to prepare yourself for a completely different working environment. 15 years ago, Facebook didn’t exist, nor did WhatsApp! 10 years before that, we didn’t have the Web. Yet today everyone is on a ride, racing to a world where nothing is impossible.

In the coming age, jobs are not gonna be obsolete, but they are going to be redefined, needing new skill sets and abilities to cope up with the trend. Nowadays much focus is given to technical know how rather than the educational bookish knowledge currently prevalent. We all need to adapt and transform and try to keep up with the changing environment. Current Job Profiles specifically ask for certain technical know how requiring different types of training and credentials but a lot is still needed to keep up in the coming future.

The skills set needed for jobs in the future are reforming along with the advancing technology and the digital world. In fact, soft skills like communication, cognitive skill, collaboration and empathy are becoming as much valued as tech savviness.

How to keep up with the future trends?

In such a situation, we can do that by focusing on today’s learning towards skills required for an evolving and supercharged tomorrow.

Social and Communication Skills
It isn’t enough just getting a Degree or completing a Technical Course, the personnel will have to focus on their “human and social skills” to survive in the workforce.

With automation taking over pretty much in all sectors human skills like leadership, motivation and emotional intelligence will be needed more than ever.

In fact, overall social skills such as persuasion, and teaching methodologies will be in demand across industries, as will cognitive abilities, such as creativity and mathematical reasoning, communication and complex problem solving capabilities.

Social Competence – The ability to connect with others in a deep psychological manner and react to sense and desired interactions.

Cross-Cultural Competence – The ability to operate in a different cultural setting.

Pan Disciplinary Intelligence – Literacy in and ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines.

Technical Skills

Starting with solid technical skills, essential for every student — Digital Literacy Skills. It is the need for one to get acquainted with “The Machine” in order to keep up with the digital transformation impacting every industry.

Just the know how of programming languages is not gonna cut it. It also involves using social media, working with graphic design and photo-video editing software.

Some skills that could be useful in a future technology-driven world:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Coding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Design thinking

Some ways to develop or improve your technical skills include

  • Take up a short or online course in the IT skills you wish to develop.
  • Find out what technology will be used in the job you want and how it’s used.
  • Take up extra training at work

Employment Magnifying Techniques

  • Learning a New Language, it serves as an advantage to Bilingual Speakers in a dynamic and regiocentric working environment.
  • Active participation in college activities and being amongst the organizing committee for college events will teach you managerial responsibilities of being a leader and how to organize your task list.
  • Summer Internships while still studying so that you have a hands-on experience of the industry. This will be an advantage taken into account by your HR Manager and will give you an edge over the competition.
  • It is crucial to keep learning, throughout your career. Maintain a lifelong learning outlook. It will certainly help improve your employability.


Sagar Group of Institutions®(SGIs) zests towards creating mindfully creative individuals who can contribute to the development of human community. As a part of this zeal, the group intends to promote entrepreneurial nerve in the budding scholars and involve in research and development through constructive partnership with the industry titans. The institutes also endeavour to develop individuals with scientific temperament through active participation of faculty and student interactions of B.Tech and M. Tech. SISTec in the coming years aims at bringing revolutionary changes in the field of technical education, so that it embraces itself as one of the top engineering colleges in IndiaSagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) has bagged the award of The Most Innovative College Award 2018 -North Zone. In 2018, Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec has been selected for establishing Institution Innovation Council (IIC) at its premises by MHRD, Govt. of India.

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