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Study of technology brings ascendancy

Do not forget the prestige that comes with studying technology. Non-technical will be like “wow” when they hear that you are a technocrat. Everyone knows that how many efforts are required to qualify as a technologist. They are also well aware of the sacrifices towards learning of technology have to make during their studies. So the element of respect comes naturally.

It brings lap of luxury

If you are the kind of person who craves an ornate and cheerful lifestyle or simply longs for a better future for your children, then technology or engineering is for you. The greater number of academician’s think-tanks, blogs and news portals rate engineering as technical education is one of the top-paid undergraduate programs. The most prominent and lucrative engineering disciplines are electrical, mechanical, civil, computer, nuclear, chemical, and petroleum engineering. Average starting salaries of technocrats are about 10-15 lacks, with the potential to reach much more as your career passages.

It sets you up for competent

The whole process of thinking is changing. I learn to think like a technocrat. Get logical thinking, brainstorming and critical analysis skills. The power of decision making is improving. When you start working, you become more objective and less emotional. All these methods are very important in all areas of specialization. As a result, technocrats tend to become better and more successful, no matter which sector you choose. Therefore, the completion of technical training is the most common job.

You’ll be ready for any problem

After obtaining an engineering degree, I will not say that I will not have difficulties or difficulties in my life, but this will definitely be worse than in the technological process. But at the same time, we gained confidence in technologies and beliefs in overcoming all kinds of difficulties. You will know exactly how to do this and how to win. No matter how great he is, he will not be overcome. In fact, you will begin to see all the difficulties or problems as provocations or opportunities for development.

You get a chance to develop the world

It feels clearer wonderful when you know that you are actually conclusively contributing something to organisation or society. Words cannot describe the affection when someone looks at a newly constructed structure and says, “I built that structure.” If you ever get a chance to ask a technocrat about his/her work, notice how they beam with pride when talking about their contribution in creating something new. So, I hope this piece has helped provide some inspiration to high school students contemplating studying B.Tech. And as far as current students are concerned, I hope above literature is helpful for 10th and 12th science aspirants.

SISTec Bhopal is one of the leading technical educational institutions in India engaged in the development of specialized technical bureaucrats who are suitable for industry or organization in modern scenarios. The training methodology consists of three types: learning through vision, listening, and learning through training. SISTec Bhopal is an organization that conducts all teaching methods and creates an excellent learning environment.


Written By:

Prof. Rajiv Pandey

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec Ratibad




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