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Why not to choose engineering as a career? Looking at the current scenario of engineering colleges and number of admissions in them, the news has started doing the rounds in educational sector that engineering cannot be a career for students in coming days. Students now have so many other career options to flourish their future that engineering has lost its charm. The impact of vacant seats in engineering has given rise to thoughts like “there is no requirement of engineers that is you may remain unemployed if you choose engineering as a career.” The negativism that has come with such thoughts has mangled the scenario of engineering education not only in Central India but throughout the country.

If we go back in time, there was a trend when students used to consider engineering or medical as a career option.  What has changed now that students are not taking admission in engineering? There are so many vacant seats in engineering. I believe one reason behind this may be unemployment. So why are there so many unemployed engineers?  Unemployed engineers are the outcome of colleges which do not emphasize on loading their students with required skill set to fetch a good job. There are many colleges following the antiquated curriculum of universities making their students imperfect as per the industry needs. They are focussing on qualifying the engineers not training them on recent industrial traits and making them an accomplished choice for industries.

If the educational institutes stop running with the pack, the scenario of vacant seats in engineering can be changed. The negativism spread by this can be put at a halt. Educational institutes should take initiatives to deliver skilled engineers. Curriculum should be followed as it will make the students learned but, practical exposure should be given because it keeps the student updated as per the industry needs. Another systemic addition to the curriculum should be hands-on practice, as it will make student skilled enough to obtain a good job.

These changes or more precisely additions will certainly alter the prevailing picture for engineering colleges not only in Central India but, throughout the country. A simple change in approach of engineering institutes can bring about a big change in the number of admissions. It is necessary because still there is no depreciation in the requirement of engineers in India or world. Engineers are still one of the most wanted professionals throughout the world.

In India itself the demand of engineers is really high owing to ventures started by our own Prime Minister like “Skilled India” and “Make in India.” There are umpteen job opportunities available for our aspiring engineers pertaining to these ventures. These ventures can lead engineers to work for their country and work in their country. There will be no brain drain that will strengthen our economy.

Looking at the brighter side of the picture, there are colleges that are sailing against the current, those who have already understood the need of the hour and have made the necessary alterations. These colleges are not only following the university curriculum but providing their students with best possible industrial exposure so that they go with the flow of industries. They are on their toes to make their students upgraded and skilled as per the industry requirement. Hands-on practice has become an integral part of students’ life in these colleges resulting in improved grades and more job opportunities. Few colleges that have implemented these things in Central India are MANIT, SGSITS, SISTec etc.

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