Why Civil Engineering from SISTec?

It is important to ask Questions. And a right question, when asked at right place and time, to a right person, has the potential to change one’s life for better. In the discussion about why should one take up Civil Engineering, that too at SISTec (?), the approach of analysis by disintegration has to be adopted. The above question has three components to it, which are,

  • Why Engineering?
  • Why Engineering from SISTec?
  • Why Civil Engineering from SISTec?

These three question, together, will address the actual question, i.e., Why Civil Engineering from SISTec? So let’s address each of the three independent yet correlated questions, one after the other.

  • Why Engineering?

Let us adopt the classical maieutic approach to answer this question. One must ask the following few questions to himself to get closer to the answer of the actual question:

  1. Do you have an urge to understand the functioning of technological inventions?
  2. Do you wish to contribute towards making human life better by contributing towards technological development?
  • Do you wish to be a part of the engine that will take our nation forward towards greatness?
  1. Do you have the courage to be the bridge between scientific discoveries and their applications?

If the answer to all the above questions is YES!, then you’re a perfect candidate to pursue Engineering studies. Or, in other words, YOU ARE AN ENGINEER BY HEART. It is only by being an engineer that one can be the spearhead of technical development in its entirety. With the rapid growth in technological skills, the need for disseminating the new development for ensuring the societal well-being is snowballing. The current times are literally the best for those who wish to pursue engineering, and contribute towards the development of the nation.

  • Why SISTec?

The best and the most desirable trait of any successful ENGINEER is his aptitude for identifying and solving the impending problems, in an efficient manner. At SISTec, starting with an encouragement to ask questions, the objective is to develop the problem solving aptitude in its pupils. With more than a decade old legacy of imparting best in class education along with development of a technological outlook, SISTec is one of the leading institutes in Central India. Some of the USPs of SISTec of other contemporary engineering institutes are as follows:

  1. FACULTY TEAM: A highly skilled and dedicated Faculty team, that has been cherry-picked after rigorous technical and moral evaluation. The faculty members at SISTec are determined towards


    of academic abilities of their students.

  2. PLACEMENTS: In the present competitive market scenario, the students of SISTec are comparatively much more secured, especially in terms of Campus Placements, owing to the dedicated Training and Placement Cell of the Institute.
  • PLACEMENT ORIENTED TRAINING (POT) MODULES: SISTec is the only institute that boasts about a rich tradition of undertaking placement oriented training since the first year of education. The students are given explicit lectures, focused


    the development of their interpersonal and communication skills, along with some advanced technical modules during senior years. A four-by-four module system is adopted, with four lectures of each day dedicated towards personality development of each student.



    : In terms of Infrastructure, SISTec is second to none in Bhopal. The infrastructural facilities provided to the students include spacious and modern classrooms, dedicated computer labs and AV Halls for each department, a library that functions even after college hours, indoor and outdoor auditoriums,

    open air

    theatre, basketball court, football ground, cricket ground, swimming pool among many others.

  2. ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT: While every other Institute in Bhopal is struggling with providing the basic facilities to its students, we at SISTec are determined to provide the best in


    teaching environment, along with ample co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to the students. The focus of these initiatives is the all-round development of the student, without compromising the technical sharpness of the young engineers.

There are many other aspects of SISTec that are more to be felt than to be read. We welcome the parents and guardians of our prospective students to visit our campus and get a first-hand feel of the academic environment of SISTec.

  • Why Civil Engineering from SISTec?

Civil Engineering, also known as Royal Civil, is the oldest branch of Engineering, and is one of the three core branches, which are rather perennial. As Engineers, Civil Engineers are the ones who work closest to the nature, and are responsible for almost all the manmade construction. It will not be an exaggeration to state that Civil Engineers are the back-bones of any nation, and plays a critical role in its infrastructural and overall development. Some primary concerns of Civil Engineering are:


    THE NATURE: The basic areas of importance for any society are;

    2. Water Supply (from DAMS and CANALS to PIPELINES and HOMES)
    4. Urban Planning (CITIES to TRAFFIC)
    5. Transportations (from RAILWAYS to ROADWAYS, and from AIRWAYS to WATERWAYS)
    6. Soil and Geology (ON THE GROUND to INSIDE THE EARTH)
  2. PRACTICAL CHALLENGES: Civil Engineers are the ones who have to face all the practical challenges that one meets on the field, ranging from breezes to tornadoes, rainfall to

    cloud bursts, campfire to wildfire, without Civil Engineers life is simply impossible.

  • LIFE OF PEOPLE: As the forerunners in the field of civil services, the life and lifelines of the people of any community

    dependson Civil Engineers. Civil Engineers are directly responsible for

    lifeof people whom they cater to.

Having discussed the critical importance and need of Civil Engineering, the most important point to understand is that one does not become a Civil Engineer just by completing the curricular requirements for acquiring a degree from the University. To actually become a Civil Engineer, one needs to acquire technical prowess through perseverance and indefatigable technical advancement and hard work. The Department of Civil Engineering at SISTec is determined to inculcate the technical skills, and practical wisdom required to become a Civil Engineering practitioner. Keeping the spirit of SISTec alive, the Faculty Members of the Department of Civil Engineering are constantly driven by the undying will to make their students true Civil Engineers, not only as an affiliation, but also as a way of life. The team, focusing on each student, initiates them on the path of acquiring skills as per their temperament, and develops their skills in a particular manner, and enables them to achieve the appropriate career objectives.



Arnav Anuj Kasar

Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Civil Engineering

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