Why Civil Engineering from SISTec

“Why Civil Engineering from SISTec?”

This is a topic of great interest. This topic arouses interest and must arouse interest in the mind of the reader at the very first instance. To do justice with this topic one has to delve and drink deep into the various components of this topic. And the first phrase which catches & attracts the attention of the reader is ‘Civil Engineering’. To do justice with this topic one has to first understand as to what actually Civil Engineering is and what is its role and importance in the lives of people.

To start with, the phrase must be broken into two basic indivisible & integral words i.e. Civil and Engineering. The word Civil connotes the word Civilization. As the civilization had started progressing since the time immemorial there arose an urgent need to build houses, roads, water retaining structures.

To cater to this need attempts were made to create structures from the knowledge and material available at that time and the same resulted in “Engineering”. And as we know engineering is the process of creating a thing or structure of value through the application of principles of science by using the existing material available at that point of time. Thus over the years Civil Engineering came into being so that mankind could live happily under the cosy and comfortable umbrella of civilization.

Civil Engineering is such a fundamental branch of engineering that until around 100 years ago (During the time of Dr Vishveshveraiya) the word civil engineer was the synonym of the word engineer. Of course, over the past 100 years, this primary branch of civil engineering has evolved sufficiently and is in continuous state of evolution highlighting its potential for creating sound infrastructure and along with it numerous job opportunities.

That was all about Civil Engineering. Now, coming back to the question no.1:

“Why civil engineering from SISTec?”

And the answer lies in the ‘Team Civil’-A group of enthusiastic, motivated & self driven members who view and understand students by stepping into their shoes and thus from their angle. Our faculty members focus upon lecture preparedness while continually devising innovative ways of teaching so that students get to learn the essential content of the subject. Also a culture of ‘Learning by Doing’ is established through conduction of model making competitions like ‘Aakaar’ ‘Nirmaan’,Industrial visits along with conduction of labs to make the student industry ready. Another advantage of studying civil engineering at SISTec has got a construction company i.e. Agrawal Builders as its sister concern allowing the practical exposure of student to the construction practices.


In addition to this, we have TG system (Tutor Guardian System) which is the modern version of ancient Guru-Shishya parampara in which the student interacted with the Guru and learnt. This helps us to create a family environment for the student wherein the student is treated as a child in the family called Civil Engineering deptt. And he or she can easily find his family members in the faculty members. The student thus feels quite ‘at home’ and emotionally secured. Of course, all this is done while maintaining the required necessary level of discipline exactly like that exercised in a family by parents. In fact, the family culture is the characteristic of whole SISTec.

Moreover, the department of civil engineering at SISTec is fortunate to co-exist with Department of management studies, Department of computer sciences, Department of mechanical engineering, Department of EC/EX, Department of Basic Sciences. This creates several opportunities for inter departmental learning. A civil engineer has to play the role of a manager also, so he can draw useful knowledge from MBA Deptt. Similarly, If deptt. Of computer sciences helps him to become computer-savvy the deptt. of basic sciences helps in inculcation of values, knowledge of science, practice of art & culture thereby adding value to the personality of the ‘Civil Engineer in the making’ through enhancement of his intelligence/emotional/social/happiness quotient

The department of Civil Engineering at SISTec is supported and strengthened by an able strong & committed Department of Training which firmly believes & acts as per the philosophy of ‘Training is the Transformer’. Just as a transformer steps down/steps up the potential of electricity, much in the same way this department with its expert and focussed team of trainers step down to the potential of novice  student and step it up to that of trained professional ready to take head on the challenges of the world of work. All this is made possible by conducting customized training modules for various categories of (ranging from stronger to weaker) trainees in both technical as well as non technical areas.

Sagar Manthan is a 5 days long in house residential training program involving group discussions, team building exercises, imparting interview skills, personality development programs. Faculties and experts spend 30-40 minutes with each student and discuss in detail the interview techniques, resume building, job opportunities, strengths, weaknesses of students. At SISTec, motivational lectures are conducted frequently and we invite renowned motivational speakers. Moreover, SISTec has a whole constellation of motivational speakers who regularly enrich the personality of students leading to its wholesome development. In fact, all our leaders and heads of department are essentially excellent motivational speakers.

Now, one thing that all the esteemed readers would agree to is:

The chief characteristic attribute of a ‘Civil Engineer’ is that he should be able to withstand the tough conditions of site. Understanding & appreciating this SISTec has created necessary infrastructure to ensure health and fitness of the students.

A playground to play amidst the green surrounding of the campus, well equipped gymnasium, an elegantly clean swimming pool is the features of the physical fitness infrastructure. In addition to this, the ‘Aarogya Kendra’ is established at the heart of the campus to make possible the availability of healthy food & juices. An Amphitheatre has been created in the premises of the hostel which allows the students to have cultural activities on regular basis and interact among themselves during their leisure time thereby improving their emotional & cultural health.

Thus, it can be concluded that SISTec offers excellent opportunities for all-round growth as a civil engineer and those who are thinking twice before joining Civil Engineering at SISTec will be wasting 50% of their precious time. This is because thinking once is certainly required, justified & is right BUT thinking for the second time shall account for the next 50% which would be a sheer waste of time and thus is not required at all.

Therefore, join Civil Engineering SISTec, without a second thought & live successfully.

Because, we believe that “Leaders are made, not born”



Sandeep Shastri

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

SISTec Gandhinagar, Bhopal.

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