What to do next if your JEE’s score isn’t enough for the IITs?

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Every student who aspires to be engineer dreams of being an IITian, but not every student makes it to the IIT. Every year around lakhs of students appear for IIT-JEE out of which only ten thousand succeed in securing their seats at IITs. So, what to do, if you cannot make it to the IIT? If you are willing to take a drop and dedicate yourself again for the preparation there is no harm, but if you do not want to, be open to all the possibilities. So for all the students who could not make it to the IITs, don’t lose your heart; there is a lot more you can do if you were unable to achieve an IIT tag.

What next if not an IIT?

No IIT means NO ENGINEERING.” Don’t fool yourself or do not consider yourself to be a failure if you could not qualify IIT-JEE. Being an IITian does not reserve you a bright career nor does it pinpoint the end of your career. It is not that only IITs make good engineers. It is your passion and your dream to pursue a career in engineering that makes a difference. You should not feel disappointed or defeated if you do not get in to IIT.

In fact, down the line after 4 years you will realize that what actually matters is how better you are in the specific courses than others. Your knowledge and your ability to utilize the learned concepts is the only thing that is going to give you an edge over others. No one is going to ask you whether you are an IITian or not. Just be focused and look for better options, rather work yourself through it. There is a lot that can be achieved without an IIT tag.

IIITs, NITs, BITs and other Government aided colleges are also a good option. Not every successful engineer is an IIT graduate. These institutions are also considered to be the finest in the fraternity offering best of courses to its students.

If not IIITs, NITs, BITs, state universities are also equally good. There are several private and deemed universities that have excellent reputation of engineering colleges. Many of you would think that entering such universities is not a big deal, but that does not actually mean the quality of education in these colleges is low. As a matter of fact, one should know that these institutes are known for their quality engineering education.

Public and private sector colleges, even though they are not on the top of the list but you will surprised to know they constitute more than 90% of the total engineering seats. There are some private and public colleges providing good engineering programs, some of them are really pushing their limits to provide quality education and emerging as a competition to state universities. These days some private colleges are blending conventional study syllabus with unconventional teaching methodology and practicals and ensuring a bright future of students.

But, still if one is not ready to give up on IITs and is ready to fight again can consider taking a gap from regular studies for a year and prepare with full enthusiasm to take IIT-JEE again. But this time you need to be more cautious to not repeat the same mistakes again, that you did the last time. As you have been through it once you are in a much better position to prepare for it now. All you need to do is learn from your previous mistakes and improve your score.

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