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The world got badly struck with Coronavirus pandemic and life pretty much everywhere paused. The COVID-19 pandemic brung upon a global lockdown bringing a halt to pretty much every working sector apart from the necessity, healthcare and essential ones who are at the frontline fighting against this situation.

The corona virus pandemic has made one thing clear about our perception of how we live, what is normal, what is not, what is essential and what is not. We survived without eating junk foods, we survived in spite of all the luxurious amenities closing, we got an understanding of who our real heroes are. The pandemic has deconstructed the society as we know it.

In the midst of all this the education sector didn’t stop, it took a break but came big with a bang and kind of revolutionized the way it usually worked. We were able to see evident changes and how it affected the lives of parents, teachers and students.

The way teaching works with books and notebooks was no longer an option, imaginative ways were thought of to impart knowledge.The technology which was considered bane by some, helped a lot during this crisis.

In India the lockdown was implemented in mid of March which is when most examinations occur and seeing the worsening situation CBSE, ICSE and other State Board Exams had to be postponed. The lockdown continued till April and May where new sessions for schools started already and amid this new ideas needed to be generated to bridge the gap of missing academics.

This sudden interference within the ‘normal’ functioning of the education system has left many unanswered questions, of which the major question that needs to be asked is — What impact will Novel Coronavirus bring upon the future of education?

To answer this question, which correlates to alteration of elemental ways of education a lot of factors must be considered. Given the period we’ve spent in lockdown and the observations of our hasty transition to online learning platforms, we’ve found the time to think and the direction in which we must apply our efforts. We’ve been given a chance to rethink the education sector, the opportunity to visualize how it can evolve in lining up with our changing habits.

The biggest change that will influence is the purpose of learning which directly will affect the course of learning and the way curriculum is taught. Aspects that were once considered fundamental to education may be revised to largely accommodate life skills of the future.

Another change faced will be the utilisation of innovative methods for teaching. Many schools and colleges have already upgraded their technology to provide Audio-Visual based lectures through Smart Classes / AV Halls but with this unending lockdown physical presence of students seems very grim chances.

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge, but it doesn’t have to solely occur through traditional methods that do not utilize the highest potential of the brain. Instead of being taught, can students be given an experience that influences their learning. Approaches like integrated learning and experiential learning, with greater implementation of technology, will power the future of education in schools and colleges.

In the midst of all this turmoil, technology has evolved as a major life-saver. Electronics & Communication has turned out to be one of the core fighters against this pandemic. From an education point of view technology has been utilised to the fullest serving for the benefit of the students. In the upcoming times with the help of technology, education may become more flexible and accessible, relinquishing its over-reliance on rigid structures that we currently consider necessary.

The millenials are already identified by their advanced knowledge and use of technology; it has become an extension of their consciousness and they do not know a world without it. This technology may very well be the best platform to empower learning in an era where integrating technology with day to day chores has become a way of life.

Once this lockdown finishes, all is good and we are free from this pandemic we need to see all this from a different perspective. Next two to three years we will surely see a changed lifestyle that may be beneficial for our coming generations. nCov-19 pandemic may be the required catalyst waiting for a change that has been long overdue. The After Earth if I must say, post this pandemic will witness the adoption of a new approach to living and that will be the biggest impact COVID19 will bring upon, not just on education but life as we know it.


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What impact will COVID-19 bring upon the future of education?
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What impact will COVID-19 bring upon the future of education?
This sudden interference due to COVID-19 in India leading to nation wide lockdown, within the ‘normal’ functioning of the education system has left many unanswered questions, of which the major question that needs to be asked is — What impact will Novel Coronavirus bring upon the future of education?
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Sagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec)
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