Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Questions Asked in Interviews.

The one who said Engineers will rule the world deserves a salute because no one ever knew that someday we’ll be able to fly so high, ride so fast and launch so far up above the sky (Mars to be exact). Engineering students all around the globe are making it possible by taking admissions in top engineering colleges.

So for all those students here we have compiled the Top 10 Mechanical Engineering questions asked in interviews.

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1. Why are the tires always black in color?

Tires are black due to the proportion of carbon mixed in it during vulcanization of rubber. Without it, tires can’t bear the friction heat and road stress.

2. Why is excess air required to burn a fuel completely?

Excess air is necessary to ensure minimum slagging of coal, adequate mixing of fuel and air, and to produce maximum steam output.

3. Why are big tires used in the rear of vehicles?

Large tires accounts for large surface area touching the ground and hence more pulling power. It reduces speed, though.

4. What is the use of Sentinal Relief Valve?

It’s a warning function valve. The purpose of which is to warn the operator in case of an excessive casing pressure in exhaust. It doesn’t relieve the pressure automatically.

5. Difference b/w Specification, Codes, and Standards?

Specification is property description of the material, Code defines the procedure for acceptance and rejection criteria and Standard is the accepted value and comparison of the system with others.

6. What is the purpose of Scrapper Ring?

It soaks the excess lube oil and thereby prevents the oil from entering the combustion zone.

7. What DTSI technology means?

It stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition.

Digital – Spark initiation by microchip
Twin – 2 spark plugs are used
Spark Ignition – Ignition by spark

What is Mechanical Engineering? 

8. Difference b/w Impact Force and Sudden Force?

IF – The high force or shock applied when two bodies collide for a short period of time.
SF – The force which brings the body into a sudden state of rest or motion. No collision.

9. What is forced convection?

It is the heat transfer that occurs between a solid body and a fluid where some mechanics is required to cause and control the fluid circulation.

10. What is the direction of Tangential Acceleration?

It can be same or opposite to that of Angular Velocity.

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