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Presently India having the second largest telecommunication market in the world with 1.17 Arab consumers and this extremely boosted in last 15 years. It can be said that the contribution of telecommunication in GDP will reach up to 8.2% till 2020,which was 6.5% in 2017.Now the burning technology is coming soon is 5G.As the telecom networks start migrating to super-fast internet that promises lightning speeds. India has also started taking its own baby steps to give birth to the new-age technology. First question comes in mind is that, what is 5G? Actually 5G is a new generation of radio systems and network architecture that will deliver extremely fast broadband at ultra-robust low latency. About 1000 times faster than 4G.

So what can an ordinary mobile consumer expect from a 5G rollout. The consumers can surely expect to see a gigantic incremental growth in mobile custom experience as well as the internet speed and applications. For example 4K videos and virtual reality (AR/VR) will be accessed easily on 5G networks. This will be an immersive experience for users. On the industrial and enterprise side expect tremendous upside in the machine-to-machine (M2M) conversation, which can be used in hospitals, agriculture, smart manufacturing, mining etc.

5G will also become important as Internet of Things (IoT), where virtually everything around you right from house-hold devices to your car will correspond with each other.

5G technology of high speed service will help Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” plan which seeks to broaden internet access and the smart cities initiatives. If we want smart cities it is clear we need smart infrastructure for it.

India traditionally a laggard while embracing latest technology in the telecommunication sector. It always follows Japan, China and South Korea where 5G services will be offered within the next two years. South Korea to launch these services by March 2019, infact South Korea recently tested 5G technology during the winter Olympics in February with self driving cars, virtual reality games and motion detection system which deploy 5G wireless services.

Similarly, Japan will launch in late 2019 and China in 2020.An expert says a slight delay for India might actually be beneficial because India needs China to launch to drive economies of scale and lower cost 5G handsets. So 2022 or later is apposite for India. Top telecom companies like Reliance Jio, Vodafone-India and Bharti Airtel are trying to teaming up with equipment providers such as Samsung, Huawei and Ericsson for launching 5G spectrum.

One of the major reasons for the delay to deploy 5G is the stressed financial position of telecom companies. Reliance Jio rollouts mobile services at cut-throat prices due to which all major operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and BSNL are in losses. Their capacity to invest in new technology is limited and most of their fresh funding is directed towards bump up their existing 4G network.

India is a most powerful developing and growing country. We should be futuristic and adopt new technologies very smoothly. The government also plans to offer 5G spectrum in the 3300—3600MHz frequency and exploring other bands too. For experience 5G services consumers will need to upgrade their devices for example smart phone set to read the new frequencies. SISTec is also trying to make the field of smart city, automatic irrigation system, farmer’s securities, home automation and robotics are being developed. These projects also include connectivity using Wi-Fi, GSM, Bluetooth & GPRS. In future we have to upgrade our infrastructure to mesmerizing experience of the 5G.I am sure and I can see the future that we all would be in the world of 5G very soon.familiar their students to this latest technology.

In Sagar Group of Institutions SISTec, there is an independent IOT lab in the SISTec – Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, in which innovative projects & research in IoT were done. Students of SISTec – Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering also made various projects based on IOT.

SISTec – Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering students made “MULTI CONTROL SMART WHEELCHAIR” – For More Info Visit Facebook –  SISTec – Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering 



Written By:

Prof. Leena Daniel

Assistant Professor

SISTec – Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering



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