The future of (AI) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has a long history of working with many companies throughout the countries, having participated in a number of live projects, both process enhancement and R & D, highlighting their developments in areas of application where Microelectronics, Communication Advanced and intelligent systems are key factors (Internet of Things, Smart Energy, Smart Cities, Factories of the Future, Machine-to-Machine Technology). Artificial intelligence is the latest technology based on various filed philosophy, Civil engineering, Sociology, Linguistics, Mathematics, and Neuron Science. There are several areas in the field of artificial intelligence such as ARM solution design, the design of intelligent systems for precision agriculture, infrastructure & cities and data analysis.

Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec is the only engineering college in central India which is offering a best academic program with job-oriented training module for the students. Along with these various expert sessions and industrial visits organized day by day. Recently Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering SISTec Bhopal organized an expert talk on “Artificial Intelligence”.

Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec is the only engineering college in MP which is offering Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence as a regular module for the students of final and pre-final year. Along with these regular modules every semester some specialized training are organized in which industry professionals are giving project based hands-on experience to the students.


Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is used in several field such as Gaming technology, language processing, expert systems, speech & handwriting recognition. Many industries in the world use Artificial Intelligence for complete their work. There is no doubt of that artificial intelligence do work better, cheaply and efficient than human. The average salary for “artificial intelligence engineer” ranges from approximately 12 – 15 LPA per year.



Written by:-

Prof. Mayank Nema

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

SISTec-Ratibad, Bhopal



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