“No energy can be created,

It can only be channelized.”

This is a famous quote by Swami Vivekananda which describes the nature of energy. Talking in terms of science, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather it can only be transformed from one form to another.

Therefore, we can conclude that energy can neither be produced nor destroyed. Yes, true. But this does not necessarily lead us to the conclusion that it cannot be mismanaged or it cannot be wasted .Men,infact has the distinctive ability to do it effortlessly or by making least effort or by making no efforts at all. Do not agree? OK, I will illustrate with an example or rather with examples.

One, men can effortlessly yet ignorantly and not deliberately facilitate wastage of power by allowing the switches of the tube lights/fans to remain on and on for several hours even if no one is present in the room. Also, one does not have to make any efforts in NOT making an identification plan (at the switchboard) to enable the occupants to put on the switches which are really needed to be switched on.

Two, one does not have to make any effort in not making a time management plan to conserve the time resource.

Three, one does not have to make any effort in not educating people about the economical use of water & in not contemplating and executing a water harvesting system for a premise for the conservation of water.

Four, one does not have to make any effort in not making a value education plan for the conservation of human resources.

The above discussion throws some light on the need for a culture of conservation.

Each energy has a cost, each resource has a value

            All resources all energy forms have a cost attached to them.Water which is made available for drinking at the fourth floor has a cost incurred in terms of the cost of pumping it. Power If not conserved has a negative effect on the economics of the household, organization, society and the nation. Similarly, the time resource if not conserved, will increase organizational inefficiencies and the same will be reflected in the balance sheet of the organization. The human resources (of which the students are the most precious component) if not conserved through a painstaking institutionalization of right values into their characters, will degenerate and damage all efforts in national development as the same human resource is going to man the various organizations.

Thus, it can be concluded that the ‘CULTURE OF CONSERVATION’ if not imbibed and institutionalized into our psyche it will have a cumulatively decelerating effect on the train of socio-economic development of the nation.

Conservation at SISTec

Understanding and appreciating the importance of culture of conservation, we at  SISTec have taken due care to conserve the precious resources we have been gifted with by the Omnipresent. The SISTec campus presents a vibrantly live, dynamic ecosystem illustrating the meaning of the phrase “Sustainable development” which means that while we undertake development, we should do so by restoring the environment to the same condition for the future generation as we have received it. The greenery at the campus has more than substituted/compensated for the area under construction.

Swachhta i.e. the cleanliness is another practice which fosters conservation of energy.Swachhta (or shuchita) is the first of the five principles of Maharishi Patanjali’s Yogsutra.In English culture also, cleanliness is considered next to Godliness. To achieve this auspicious objective of cleanliness the floors are cleaned continuously making conservation of positive energy a reality.

If on one hand water conservation is ensured through the participation of students in design & implementation of water harvesting system as their major project, then on the other hand educational programs on judicious use of water and power resources are soon going to become regular features of our educational endeavour.

To augment our mission for energy conservation we are certainly not going to miss the unlimited yet freely available source of energy named as honourable Mr. Sun. The recently organized three day seminar on solar energy by SISTec  Department of Mechanical Engineering  is a step in this direction. We believe that the idea of solar power plant is taking shape in the minds of some of our esteemed professors of the same department.

And lastly, our value based education system firmly founded on two equally strong pillars of spirituality and modernity is successfully carrying out the conservation of valuable human resources for the future of society and the nation both at the level of school as well as college education.

We hope, believe and pray that through our sincere and honest efforts we ceaselessly progress to attain the goal of “Culture of conservation”


Written by:

Sandeep Shastri

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

SISTec Gandhinagar, Bhopal.


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