SISTec is Best Engineering College in Bhopal for CSE.

Department of CSE plays a very important part in the way in sculpt a computer
Engineer. Motivated and committed faculty educate them and peer group bolstered them
to learn and build new things, utilizing the infrastructure that provided them with the
facilities to program their ideas to reality; the role of the department possibly one of the
most important deciding factors in the quality of a Computer Engineer. Department of
CSE in SISTec is the best department of Bhopal due to its:-

1. Preeminent Infrastructure
First and foremost requirement of any good Institute is its infrastructure. In SISTec More
than 500 computers with latest configuration are available and accessible 24X7 for the
student. Students can use labs even after college hours. The entire campus is Wifi. All the
labs are fully air conditioned which make their stay in labs comfortable. All the labs are
fully equipped with required software along with high speed internet facility. 2 level
power backup (UPS and DG) is there in all the labs which ensure uninterrupted power
supply. Along with the modern classrooms department is having one exclusive AV room.

2. Best team of Faculties and Trainers
To utilise one of the finest Infrastructure one require a team of competent faculties.
Department of CSE is the best team of faculties and Trainers in Bhopal. All the faculties
are highly qualified and having passion about teaching. Most of them are having their
PG/PhD degree from NITs or IITs along with the Industry exposure. Department is
having exclusive technical trainers for specialised training on latest technologies like
Software Testing, Oracle, Web development, Networking, Cloud computing, Big Data

3. Effective planning and execution of entire four year journey
Department is having very concrete planning of entire 4 year journey. It makes clear to
students also that what, when and how he has to do. Every semester department conduct
training on one technology regularly along with the university curriculum. In semester
break department provide additional training on new technology. CRT (Campus
Recruitment Training) is the 6 th regular subject in SISTec with 6 hours per week.
Department is running latest training modules which are not part of university curriculum
like Software testing, Python etc. SISTec CSE is taking all the right steps to create a
good environment for budding computer science engineers.

4. Focusing on practical skill development
SISTec CSE department is emphasising more on practical approach rather theory.
Department distributes equal time slots for both theory and lab sessions. Department is
preparing students as per the industry requirement. During lab hours one faculty mentors
10 students which ensure maximum learning of individuals. Lab assignments are
designed in very effective manner. College Website and ERP developed and maintained
by CSE department.

5. Professional clubs, Strong Alumni and Expert talks by eminent personalities
SISTec CSE Department have a wide variety of programming and professional clubs
like CSI etc. which provide great peer exposure for its students. Under the banner of
these clubs various expert talks and technical events conducted thought the semester
which increases the knowledge and confidence of the students. Senior persons from
Google and TCS visited to the department already. Also, a strong alumni interaction is
reported, which keeps the current batch up to date with the industry.
6. Ample Internship/Placement opportunities for all students
SISTec is providing internship/placement opportunity for all students which ensure 100%
placement for CSE. Students are getting ample Internship opportunities. Based on the
various domain explored by department in 4 years students are well prepared to grab
placement opportunity in their field of expertise. Even for average students we are
providing sufficient opportunity which makes them placed in reputed companies.

7. Super Group
To encourage bright student for achieving bigger goals CSE Department has formed a
Super Group of such student. One faculty dedicatedly mentoring this small group and
preparing them of Big Giants of the Industries like Google and Microsoft which are
beyond the thought of any other college of Bhopal.



Nikhlesh Pathik
Academic Coordinator &Associate Professor,

Computer Science and Engineering, SISTec 

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