Being a mathematics faculty is fun, especially when you have a bunch of inquisitive students at SISTec who are not only willing to learn the basics but also have zeal to put in the methodology in the engineering domain.

An engineer makes the life simpler by their innovations thus touches the life of everyone. An engineer uses the principles of science to make inventions. In this process he has to do a lot of measurements of various things. With this mathematics comes into the picture. Without mathematics, he/she can hardly get the desired output. There is hardly any area of engineering which involves no use of mathematics. Mathematics is the main tool by which an engineer can turn their ideas into reality. Whatever inventions or development we see around with us has made extensive use of mathematical principles.

When we talk of measuring things be it volume, area, rate of change of dependent quantities, velocity of moving objects, displacement of objects under force and a number of other things, it is mathematics which answers all your queries.

A good engineer needs to be a good mathematician first. To be a good engineer one needs to have excellent imaginative potential, sound analytical skill, modeling ability to turn a problem into a workable form only then one can end up having something significant. Mathematics lies in the basis of all these skills. Mathematics is not merely a subject when you study it, it enhances the way you look at a problem, you think over all the possible ways to crack the problem until you reach a feasible one, a lot of mind is used in the process which develop your analytical skill, a crucial factor for an efficient engineer.

Seeing to the crucial role of mathematics in engineer’s life, we, at our college Sagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) Bhopal reckoned among the top engineering colleges of central India, pay special attention to mathematics by conducting separate classes apart from the routine classes at college itself at regular intervals being fully focused on the applicative part of mathematics so that students get equipped with a strong mathematical base.

It is relevant to mention the branch wise contribution of mathematics: A computer science Student needs to have an excellent knowledge of matrices, determinant their basic operations and properties, group theory one of the major area of abstract algebra and Graph theory and related concepts, Boolean algebra(bi-valued logic). These topics have been used extensively by Computer Science engineers to develop most of the modern software, a mechanical engineering student needs to have a good knowledge of differential and integral calculus, partial derivatives and partial differential equations necessary to study heat flow and vibrating objects, Laplace transform technique etc.

Similarly for an electrical engineering and electronics communication engineering Student familiarity with topics like simultaneous equations solving techniques, Fourier transformation very necessary to study of signal processing.

We, SISTec put a lot of emphasis on making students’ mathematics friendly to ensure that our students do well in their field.


Written By:

Prof. Dharmendra Sharma

Department of Basic Science

SISTec- Ratibad Campus Bhopal




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