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From our childhood days, right from our school times, the most common question asked from us by our relatives or our friends’ parents is “What do you want to become in your professional life?” and most of the times our answer will be Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Artist, etc.

As a general observation, almost 80% of students reply with: “I want to become an engineer.”

Well, an engineer is a person who designs, maintains, builds, machines or structure. Engineering is a passion of many students because the stream is so vast and with time new streams and integrations are also getting added on like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mechatronics, Biomechanical, and many more. The IT industry is not limited as it was before, it’s becoming vast day by day with lots of opportunities. IT industry has evolved a lot and is creating various hubs in many states of India.

Students start pursuing the subject of maths and science in their higher secondary school sessions on the pathway to become an engineer. Thereafter the students give JEE entrance exams which help them get enrolled in top engineering colleges in India.

The most essential role played in the life of an engineering student is by a college, because it helps them not only get a Bachelors’s Degree in Engineering but also helps them in character building and nourishing technical skills. These skills and discipline are the base for a student to enter, survive, and make a remarkable position in the professional world.

Selecting the right engineering college is very important because it is the deciding factor towards making or breaking of a students’ career and many students make the wrong decision of selecting the right college. Students are very confused at the time of choosing their college because neither students nor their parents are much aware of the qualities to look for in a good engineering college. Only a few students know that in which engineering college they want to study and which engineering college provides them with better training and help them in cracking the placements. Because the selection of engineering college is an investment of both time and money in which students and their families are highly involved for the rest of the student’s life.

There are certain parameters to be taken into consideration on the basis of which a student can select an engineering college. In earlier days the streams in engineering were specific and core branches electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. But nowadays the choices have expanded with advancements and integrations computer science engineering, chemical engineering, automobile engineering, biomechanical engineering, etc. The students in this scenario get very much confused as to which stream they have core interest in and therefore the counselling sessions help students in their self-analysis for the stream they want to opt for. So students must ensure that the engineering college provides the counseling session before their admission or not.

The infrastructure of engineering college is always required to be checked by students. The infrastructure mainly to be taken into consideration is advanced technologies, laboratories, and computer labs, etc. Because these infrastructure facilities are part of the daily curriculum of an engineering student in any stream they opt. Training and Placements are essential because both of them are interrelated with each other.  While taking admission in engineering college students must ensure that there are proper training sessions along with genuine placements.

But how can a student ensure this? The simple trick for ensuring is to ask from the students who are studying in the same engineering college and cross-check about the placements not from the hoardings but from the alumni of the engineering college in which he/ she is looking for admission.

The students not only look out for counseling or Training and Placement, but they must also ensure the overall standard along with the National Rankings and AICTE approvals. Do take a look at the faculty of the department and their profiles, internship offers, curriculum, and incubation centres and start-ups too. Maybe you are not interested in all this looking out at the time of admission but later on, all these things will maintain the spark in your studies.

Students taking admission in engineering colleges must ensure all the points discussed above. But many times still mistakes happen because of peer pressure. In families peer pressure is common so don’t fret from that, because the level of knowledge which your peer pressure has is very limited. Many times students feel low and depressed because they don’t get selected in IITs and NITs, but don’t get depressed there are many private engineering colleges with the required infrastructure and amenities, what you have to do is to check up on all the points discussed above.

What makes you an Engineer is your passion and dedication with the correct choice of engineering colleges.

Last but not the least “Mistakes makes us realize that we are alive and mistakes can be recognized too.”


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Selecting the Right Engineering College
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Selecting the Right Engineering College
Engineering is a passion of many students because the stream is so vast and with time new streams and integrations are also getting added on. The most essential role played in the life of an engineering student is by a college.
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Sagar Group of Institutions - SISTec
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