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Concrete is the most necessary material used abundantly in the construction Industry almost in all fields like Buildings, Nuclear Power Plants, Highways, Dams, Bridges, and many more. Due to industrialization and exorbitant infrastructure development, concrete ranks next to need in the world after food and water. Concrete mainly constitutes of cement, coarse aggregate (CA) and fine aggregate (FA), in which cement is the major component which acts as a binding material. Cement industry produces carbon dioxide (CO2) significantly up to 5% of manmade emissions because of chemical reaction and fossil fuel during manufacturing. Cement Corporation India Ltd. in its 53rd annual report 2016-17 mentioned cement production of nearly 7.91 Lac MT in India. Research articles mentioned each tone of cement production emits nearly 1 ton of CO2. In order to reduce CO2 emission extensive research is going on in can be done by; 1) Altering the components of cement during manufacturing

2) Reducing cement percentage in concrete.

3) Partial or full replacement of cement by fly ash, glass waste, red mud, burnt clay, geo-polymers etc.

SISTec Ratibad – Department of Civil Engineering 

Recently geo-polymer increased attention of researchers and engineers as a sustainable alternative of cement. Geopolymer is a composite, synthesized using aluminosilicate material in an alkaline medium, having 80% less production of greenhouse gases. Although engineering and fire resistant property of geopolymer is quite good with sustainable durability. Geopolymer also doesn’t need water curing, in all above respect geopolymer composite have possibilities to take place of cement, as alternative eco-friendly material.

Sagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) Ratibad working in this field with aim to reduce the negative effect of concrete in the environment. With state of the art literature and lab experiments, students under the mentorship of faculties Department of Civil Engineering working on various live projects additionally accomplishing internships to attain industry exposure.

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Prof. Prahlad Dubey

Department of CIVIL engineering

SISTec-Ratibad Campus

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