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As a fresher, what does a student expect? A student when steps in a new world of higher education, he gets a more specified curriculum. Stepping into a more specific version of education from a generalized one needs a concrete foundation which could carry the aspiration for further years. The first crucial year of engineering or any other professional course needs a simplified yet a deep, revising module that can set a bridge between the schooling education and future intellect. Students in India who belong to various cultural backgrounds come together to obtain the cognizance required in a professional course. Institutes, therefore, had to work on the overall grooming of the students which includes technical aspects and personality development. Sagar Group of Institutions (SISTec) has got a carefully planned and well designed REFRESHER COURSE which is a short educational course for the students of the first year to review their subjects which they have studied in Senior Secondary.

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The contents of Refresher Course are objectively selected to groom the Personality of the budding Engineer and to set a pace for the Technical-Run. Special focus is placed on the conditioning of Communication Skills of First Year Students. Apart from this, a student should also know the detailing of Etiquettes and the significance of Good Gestures. But they need to be guided by such small yet imperative facts of lifestyle. Sagar Group of Institutions (SISTec) makes it sure to cover such basic yet intrinsic factors in the content of Refresher Course.

Hence through Refresher Course SISTec provide students the first step of Success Ladder. We ensure that they reach the determined altitude by providing strong support at every step and this we achieve by catering them with well-designed modules and hand on practical sessions apart from the Refresher Course (which is fixed to be catered on the first step), throughout the four years of Engineering, so that they may get set to lead a deserving professional life and may serve the nation well.


Amrita Choudhary

Assistant Professor (First Year Cell)

Sagar Group of Institutions- Ratibad


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