Product Design and Development:- An Emerging field for Budding Engineers

Today is the era of product and every industry needs a product which can change the image and revenue of that. Product design and development is an important part of Mechanical engineering branch. This field requires the knowledge of core mechanical subjects like Strength of Material, Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics etc.Product design and development is a long and rigorous process.The success and failure of any product depend upon the appearance, functions, quality, and cost of that particular product with respect to their competitor .for example there are several SUV in automobile market with the variable price but the product which have all these specialties grab the maximum market share in that particular automobile segment. This is true for all products.The basic concept behind the product design and development is to solve a live problem with the best optimum solution. ”Imagination is more important than Knowledge “Albert Einstein and this is very true in case of product design and development.

This is an emerging field of Mechanical engineering with a vast application.From the design of a microcomponent to heavy earthmovers every machine or parts move through various steps which include various processes of product design and development. The process includes identification of the problem, possible solutions, brainstorming sessions for that solutions, prototyping, best suitable material, design and drawing, and fabrication process.SISTec

Another benefit of Product design and development is that instead of doing a job in some companies you can start your own enterprise. Engineers with good designing capabilities can opt to become Entrepreneur with his own product. They can opt any of the fields with any product can start his own business. The thought process to become an entrepreneur, to start working on any new product and its development starts from the Institute where you start to learn all these technologies.


Here at SISTec, we are working on this branch of Mechanical Engineering. We are implementing the trend of product design with the help of modules. From second year onwards, SISTec is providing training on different technologies including product development, welding technology, and implementation.Students are learning by Doing. Students are working on furniture design, chair design, table design,  rack and different other designs.By doing all this they are learning the process of product development.

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