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The season for exams has finally arrived, Pre-board exams are round the corner and soon Boards will follow. It is the most stressful time in a students’ life because the tides of life turn with the optimal results in these exams. They are turning point in deciding one’s future. It is high time for students to buck up and prepare for their boards. But How?

Listed below are some important tips that one should keep in mind while preparing for exams, be it board exams or any other competitive exams.

Stay calm
Not much of a tip but just a general suggestion one needs to follow at all times. Panic usually disturbs the flow of study and one tends to forget what they have revised or learnt during all this time. Keeping calm is the best way to avoid it. Additionally one should ensure that their guardians stay calm too because it is a stressful time for them also.

Prepare hand-written notes
Although all the study material is available on the internet and one has prepared during all this time. Hand-written notes of all the important/hard topics is an easy way to get all your data compiled up and at a single place. You just need to look through it for revision purpose. Also it is a proven fact that the best way to memorise data is by writing it in your own words.

Prefer NCERT books
There are many books by many authors available to consult and prepare for the boards, but NCERT should be the primary book one should go to. Going through NCERT book from cover to cover ensures maximum coverage of the required knowledge.

Prepare time-table
One of the most clichéd points one can give as a tip, but it sure does help. Preparing time table ensures that all required topics are covered fairly. Giving extra time or double time to hard topics also ensures good coverage. Time management is one of the most daunting tasks in student life, preparing a time-table ensures otherwise.

Stay away from digital distractions
Social media and presence on other digital platforms is a big issue while concentrating on studies. Try to minimise this time as much as possible and focus more towards studies but don’t strain yourself doing that, mini-breaks or distractions are sometimes good.

Appropriate study environment and space
Having a good study space ensures maximum concentration. The space should be well lit and ventilated, stocked full of essential supplies like pen, paper, pencil, etc. The furniture should be tailored to suit your requirements and comfort.

Sufficient sleeping time
Lack of sleep is a major cause for an exam not going well. So ensure that one gets proper sleeping time. A good 7-8 hour sleep re-energise the body and help calm the nerves. Power naps in between study sessions also tend to help a lot in relaxing.

Nutritious food intake
Healthy Food leads to Healthy Mind, with this thought in mind ensure that your meals are full of nutrition and taken on proper times. Having snacks between study sessions can also be done. Avoid eating junk food as it adds to lethargy and breaks concentration.

Well these are some of the tips to prepare for your examinations. Keep a calm mind and focus on the basics. Study well but don’t over exert. Take necessary pauses and no matter what don’t overthink.


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