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Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main, the national level undergraduate engineering entrance exam is the yearly fussed about topic amongst many students preparing for the admission to various B.Tech/B.E. programmes offered by 31 NITs, 23 IIITs and 23 CFTIs. JEE Main-II will be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) in the month of April. Previously Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) used to conduct it until 2018 when NET took it over.


The exam will be administered in two sessions , i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2, where Paper 1 consists of subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in fully computer based test mode and Paper 2 consisting of Mathematics, Aptitude Test and Drawing Test in which former two will be computer base and the latter will be in pen-paper mode.


If you have given the JEE Exam this year in January 2019 and confused about how you scored and your ranking, you should know that “Normalization Procedure based on Percentile Score” is used to ensure that applicants are neither benefited nor disadvantaged due to the difficulty level of different sessions and papers. In order to normalize and level the playing field, the Normalization Procedure is adopted, for compiling the scores for multi session papers.

A detailed calculation regarding this can be viewed on the JEE Mains Website.

NTA has announced that normalisation will be session wise, so the percentile score you got would be relative to the others in your session. This score denotes the percentage of candidates who have scored equal to or below (same or lower raw scores) in that particular percentile in that examination.

The result for JEE Mains January 2019 Session is out and you haven’t scored well. Should you go for the April 2019 Exam? Yes you definitely should. NTA clearly states that both your score will be will be compared and the highest percentile out of two will be taken into consideration. If you appear in a single exam only, then it’s score will only be considered for the final result.

In terms of preparation for the Exam, you need to work on your planning. Consider your past study techniques and formulate better strategies as this will help you clear your exam in a single attempt only. Apart from that, if it’s a second attempt you have a favorable chance of securing a good rank. It’s beneficial to first analyze your shortcomings and concentrate on them primarily. You already have an idea of what to do and not if this is your second attempt and try not to repeat your past mistakes.

It’s the day of the exam, you have pulled an all-nighter, read everything you can, fully prepped and ready to deliver. But STOP takes a step back and try and relax any way you can, listen to music, read a newspaper or anything that helps you calm down. Getting hyped about the exam will do you no Good. Take a leisurely stroll before the exam and try to avoid outside food. Being healthy during the exam contributes a lot towards your performance. Another factor that contributes to your worry is the competition, try not to think about that and focusing more toward what you have prepared. Any shortcomings, if any, just revise it out, take a look again and be confident with what you have studied.



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