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Experience, practice, know-how, skill, Knowledge, understanding, background, record, History, maturity…..These are all terms are associated with practical learning….How are these terms helpful? & how can we acquire such practices….?

When an Engineering graduate joins a company, they often find that they are at a loss inspite of getting very good grades. Students without practical knowledge are just like a fancy shop which sells cheap products. Thankfully, this is not the case with us…We strongly believe in shaping an individual’s career by emphasizing more on practical part.


What is practical learning /How SISTec promotes it!


We the faculties of SISTec believe –“If you really want to be skillful –you must perform”. Good performance can only be achieved through practical knowledge..For example –you have learned the basics of driving a car but, until you drive on road, you won’t be able to be a skillful driver. We must make it into a regular practice to apply the knowledge what we have acquired. Collecting knowledge & not apply it on practical basis is just like a corroded mind which is programmed to do a common routine task.

No research work can come up-if you do not research-

Researching is-collecting information from various resources & applying various methods to get the best possible outcome…It may take time to get the desired result but once you have chosen the path of learning new things …you will be able to get through the oceans of practicality.


Why at SISTec, Practical Exposure is highly encouraged?

It’s because, we want our students to excel in the field of knowledge….

It’s because- we want our students to bring new innovations to make changes in human lives…

It’s because – we want our students to be technically & practically smarter than the regular crowd…

It’s because –we want our students to get placed (Through their knowledge) & not just be a graduate.


We have found that practical knowledge has no match.

1) Practical work truly promotes “Self-learning”- which is the key factor, our students are way smarter & independent.

2) Practical exposure is a good change than the regular classroom study.

3) Practical portion always complements the theory part. Bookish knowledge simply makes student a crammer/Book worm.

We often conduct Seminars, Industrial visits, vocational tours with the key motive of “learning by knowing “.





At Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec , departments emphasis on practical learning and therefore, semester break training program are conducted in each department after the semester exams of the students. Each department made their training module  to be focus on industrial need and new technologies required in industries. So, this  training strategies is  customized in a manner to introduce students with new technologies and trends in the industry.


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Sagar Group of Institutions®(SGIs) zests towards creating mindfully creative individuals who can contribute to the development of human community. As a part of this zeal, the group intends to promote entrepreneurial nerve in the budding scholars and involve in research and development through constructive partnership with the industry titans. The institutes also endeavour to develop individuals with scientific temperament through active participation of faculty and student interactions of B.Tech and M. Tech. SISTec in the coming years aims at bringing revolutionary changes in the field of technical education, so that it embraces itself as one of the top engineering colleges in IndiaSagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) has bagged the award of The Most Innovative College Award 2018 -North Zone. In 2018, Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec has been selected for establishing Institution Innovation Council (IIC) at its premises by MHRD, Govt. of India.




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