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Sagar Group of Institutions(SISTec)Before you all get busy with annual exams of 2018, if you all have not finalized your long-term goals for your career you may land up taking admissions in wrong courses. This is the time to evaluate your future goals. Keep in mind that once you choose your career, you will probably be working in that field for over a long period of time. Once you decide your career, it becomes easier to select subjects and courses to take you towards your goal.

What degree or courses to pursue after 12th all these should be decided based on a careful and scientific evaluation of the combination of interest + aptitude (skills) + personality traits + opportunities. Soft skills like ability to learn and communicate, goal setting and writing pro-efficiency are as essential as subject knowledge.

While the competition for entry into colleges has increased tremendously, opportunities have also increased significantly. If you plan your life well, and sufficiently in advance, you can not only make a good career but will also enjoy the work you are doing. Not everyone manages to get admission in their dream course or college. Not everyone gets into a IITs or NITs, there are other good colleges and options. Getting disappointed, wasting a year, or moving on to other careers, is not the right thing to do If you have precluded either because of low marks or non-affordability, please do not put yourself into a career in which you are not interested in.

Some Points are kept In Mind while planning :

  • For Graduation or UG Course, 100 disciplines are flourishing in various colleges & institutions in the country. So, choose according to your interest.
  • Students gearing up to join a college will soon be required to decide about the specific branch, specialised and interdisciplinary options presented in different colleges. In that context, it is necessary to get your facts straight about different courses.
  • Normally at UG level, the students need reduced uncertainty in getting a suitable job, and thus disciplines are less preferred. In general, the job opportunities for the specialised programmes are industry-specific and thus restricted to a very limited portion of the spectrum of opportunities. So, students have to choose their programmes according to that.

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