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Engineering is the application of knowledge in the form of science, mathematics, and empirical evidence, to the innovation, design, construction, operation and maintenance of structures, machines, materials, software, devices, systems, processes, and organizations.

Well the definition above is very literal in nature, but I believe that Engineering is much more than that. It is a profession like no other. It is believed that ‘God’ created this universe but it is in my opinion that the ‘engineers’ have developed it.

Coming from a commerce background I have always envied the life of an engineer and how they create something out of nothing. No disrespect to other professionals but I have a certain soft corner for engineers and the vast field of engineering.

In present scenario we have heard that engineering has lost its value but that is not exactly true because today’s industry and corporate sector require engineers for development, be it from Civil Engineering for construction, Mechanical Engineering for latest fleet of advanced automobiles or Computer Science and Electronics & Communication Engineering for everyday technological advancement, and also related integrated streams for further growth and evolution.

This particular point I would like to highlight, that the world of engineering has not lost its value but is in requirement of a valued and capable engineer. For this particular cause I can proudly say that Sagar Group of Institutions® (SISTec) – SGI Bhopal is one such fine Group of Engineering Colleges dedicated towards the cause.

Being a part of SISTec family I have personally witnessed how they differ from other engineering colleges. SISTec boasts of being one of The Best and Top Private Engineering Colleges in Bhopal and “hitting the nail on the head” I can with assurance say that SISTec is, what it claims.

SISTec’s pedagogy is one such feature that makes it stand above from the rest. The Practical Exposure Methodology and Industry Oriented Training Modules are a benchmark for education that no other Engineering College in Bhopal offer.

Reading out this article you may not believe what I am saying, but you can always experience it.

Come visit SISTec and you will feel that we are what we say and we deliver what we promise.

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Written By:

Pankaj Mangtani

Digital Marketing Associate

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Pankaj Mangtani

Marketing and Finance student at Sagar Institute of Science & Technology - School of Management Studies (SISTec MBA), working as a Digital Marketing Associate at Sagar Institute of Science Technology & Research (SISTec-R). In my free time, I like to read books, watch movies, engage in online/offline sports and gaming. I also like to try my hand in photo-video editing and amateur photography.

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