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MBA, Master of Business Administration. Once upon a time, if a student goes for MBA he was considered to be the elite class who deserves a good package and a good salary. I remember the days when I graduated, MBA with Engineering was like hot cake for the HR in the market. It was considered as one of the most sought-after courses of the time. Now after about a decade from the time when this qualification reached its zenith, we come across the flood of MBA graduates often searching for a job.What is the reason behind this vertical downfall of this brilliant course? We will analyse this in this blog.

Firstly, let us analyse the name Master of Business Administration… Now first thing which is missing in these days MBA is “Study of Business Administration”…As the focus of the students has shifted to the passing of exams and getting degrees, rather than learning and studying of Business Administration.

Secondly, there is an emergence of various guides and booklets which give the shortcut to students to appear and pass the examinations.

Thirdly, there is the nexus between guide publishers and University Exam setter who set papers from these guides.

Fourthly, there is lack of supervision by the regulatory bodies which make the teaching-learning process lethargic.

Also, there is lack of suitable and well-qualified teachers with proper mindset as the study of business administration is mainly attitude building and development. The lack of good teachers makes the percolation of lethargic and ‘Let It Go’ Attitude to the new generation.

Also, the syllabus of various universities are outdated and do not hold any relevance to the present day industrial world which has different shades of challenges prevailing.

The list of reasons is unending but above-mentioned reasons make up the foundation of the problems prevailing with this course.

Now, at Sagar Institute of Science and Technology MBA (SISTec MBA), we have well-qualified faculty members coming with corporate experience who bridge the gap between the books and industrial world. There are regular personality development sessions taken by corporate trainers to groom the students to the best of their abilities. To bridge the gap between University Syllabus and Industrial requirements, the College has introduced vocational certifications on topics like Digital Marketing, Equity Research etc. So the students doing his/her MBA from SISTec completes his MBA with 4 additional industry based vocational certifications.

Also, SISTec MBA has recently tied up with MakeIntern and IIM Kolkata to deliver 16 hrs of a workshop on Digital Marketing in which five students were selected to represent the college in IIM Kolkata CarpeDiem.

About 10 events every semester to give holistic management experience to the students with activity based learning makes the curriculum more relevant. Industry Visits, Experts Talk, Guest Lectures etc form the essential part of SISTec MBA.

Now, let’s talk about the final outcome, that is, placements. So, 70% of the students at SISTec MBA are placed in their third semester and rest before completion of their MBA. So, the overall efforts of the expert academics are manifested in the form of 100% placements. Hence, before completion of MBA all the students have their jobs in their hands.

SISTec has realized the importance of industrial environment in the study of business administration. Do you?




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