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It is said that home is haven.  But still life at home cannot be compared to the life of a student living in a hostel.  At home one has to live as other members of the family live. Elders are always there to check the activities of youngsters. Even one cannot  frame one’s own timetable of studies. One has to always keep in mind the convenience of other family members. One has to study while others keep on talking and gossiping.  Often one room is jointly shared by two or three brothers and sisters.
Whereas the life in a hostel is different from that of the life at home. The greatest blessing of life at hostel is independence. You may sleep whenever you like. You may get up late in the morning but no one will question you. Apart from the general rules and regulations, which are to be followed necessarily by everyone, one is his own master. It is due to this reason that many students do not like to go home even in long vacations. Those who love freedom and are independent love the hostel life.

Much of the usefulness of hostel life depends upon its management. Sagar Institute of Science and Technology is one such institute in Bhopal that has separate hostel for both boys as well as girls in its college premises.  We encountered with few of the students living in the hostel of SISTec and tried to bring an exciting close-up view from students living in this prestigious institution of Bhopal.

Question 1- Please describe your life at SISTec in few sentences. What do you like the most?

Answer- SISTec is definitely a dream college of every science student living in Bhopal. You get to live what actually is the ideal college life. You are totally independent there. The hostel life, academics, co-curricular, extra-curricular, events, fests, and everything just make it an amazing place to spend 4 years of your life.

Question 2-Which are the various clubs and councils at SISTec? Do you think they are beneficial for the students?

AnswerSISTec has many clubs and counsels to choose from. The main is SAC (Students Activity Council). To join these clubs, you have to be a part of their activities. There are other clubs too like Computing club, Literary Club, FACE, SMEA etc. I think these clubs really help the students to get out of the monotonous schedule of classes and studies.

Question 3-Are there any regular events or functions that take place in your campus?

Answer -Yes its a part of SISTec curriculum. Time to time there are events like Group dance, indoor and outdoor games, etc. in which students participate in large numbers. Not just this  every festival is been celebrate in our hostel may it be Eid, Diwali, Durga pooja, Makar Sankranti we celebrate every festival with full of enthusiasm.

Question -What are the best hangout spots at SISTec?

Answer -Almost every place in the college premises makes it as favourite spot for the students. Those who are sports lover they are found every evening playing either at basketball court or football court, the fitness freak students are seen in gymnasium. Swimming pool is one of the favourite spot of almost every student of SISTec.

The Hostel life becomes wonderful only when the hostel in which a student is living is Managed by the owners who have strong vision and mission. Well-managed hostel of SISTec surely proves a blessing for those who are fortunate enough to live in it.

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