Knowledge and Success at Sagar Group of Institutions

Knowledge and success are related to each other. Every human being wants to be successful and this can be achieved only by knowledge.

Knowledge is fundamental to success. Whether it is from school, college or even job experience, all are stepping pebbles to developing a well-rounded understanding of the actual world. ‘Knowledge is Power’ is a saying refers that knowledge is a true power which always remains with the individual in all good and bad times. Human beings are astute creature of nature, they have the ability to attain knowledge and preserve their knowledge, research, and practices in the books in order to pass to the new generations. Knowledge helps us to transform our planning into the right act and it helps us to overcome our weaknesses and faults as well as makes us capable to face the risks and problems by giving lots of bravery and confidence. It makes an individual more influential by giving him spiritual, honest and divine advancement in life.

Knowledge is a very key tool to get optimistic changes in the society and country. Knowledge helps us to engross things from the intellect people which have the potential to expand the quality of life. It is the only valuable thing which nobody can take away from us; it remains with us endlessly and rises if we distribute it among the needy persons. It gives innovative and revolutionary ideas which help to change the way of viewing the world. So, we can say that knowledge is a pillar to the success and pleasure. Francis Baconhas said that knowledge is itself a power, having the capability to change everything. If any has broad knowledge, he/she is the luckiest and richest one in the world because knowledge can never be taken or robbed and does not lessen even when it is given to others. In fact, we can say that the solidest power in the creation is knowledge.


Sagar Group of Institutions feels the same that knowledge is a pillar to the success and so Sagar Group of Institutions provides the best educations to their students in colleges and schools.

Sagar Institute or Sagar College (SISTec) are engaged in providing the best technical education in the field of engineering, pharmacy and management. Today, SISTec is known for imparting skill based education with integration of streams to Industry.

The group imparts schooling through the chain of Sagar Public Schools (SPS) to nurture the young mind. Today, SPS is considered as the most preferred brand for holistic education and Indian Value System to its core featuring amongst the Top 100 schools in India with its campuses serving all corners of city – Saket Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Rohit Nagar, Ratibad and katara Ext.


BY: Dr. Rekha Agarwal

Assistant Professor – Department of Electrical and Electronics 

Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec  Gandhinagar






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