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Choosing your Degree and Job

In the year 2019 and also coming years a tilt-shift will happen in terms of our college education, our career, our skills, but most importantly our degrees. The simultaneous relationship of getting a degree and then a job is fading. It is ridiculously tough to get a job even with a good degree. We spend somewhere about 10-20 lakhs on our education and getting a college degree and this is not in some top of the line Institute. But even after that much expense we are not able to get a good paying job or a satisfactory job, this is mainly because most Institutes believe in University Standards which focus mainly on bookish knowledge as compared to Industry Knowledge. Sagar Group of Institutions is an Institute focusing mainly on Industry Standards and prepare their students as such. They believe in practical knowledge rather than bookish one.

Coming to the topic of getting a college degree, it’s essential to carefully choose a degree in order to keep up with the fast pace of the coming market. With automation, robotics and artificial intelligence prevalent in almost all sectors it’s getting tough to get a suitable job if you do not have a good degree. It is also of utmost importance that you make your degree work for you in the best possible way. It just isn’t enough to get a degree from a reputed college/university you also need job skills to survive. For this purpose, it is beneficial to join summer internships or part time jobs so as to have a little working knowledge of how the market works.


How to choose what degree you want before entering the market?

Best way is to research the market with what it requires and select a degree based on your personality and liking. Look for the Job Profiles with a wide surface area meaning a degree that helps you land in multiple streams rather than a concentrated one. A broader degree like one in management helps widen your reach in the market. Mixing up your degrees from different sectors is one such option where you get a technical engineering degree with a combined management one to learn the best of both worlds.

While Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) get all the attention, 5G could be the technology of the year in 2019. In the given scenario it is best to get an Engineering Degree, you can’t help it, you have no choice, but with your creative mind, this so-called boring degree of web design and programming may help turn this into a money maker with proper startup ideas. With online courses, you can bridge the gap between your technical side and your inner creative artist.


Getting an edge while searching for Job

As mentioned above internship and part time job gives you that extra boost while competing for a job because everyone participating will have a degree similar to yours but you will have market experience which they might not. This experience highlights your resume and your HR Manager will certainly will be favoring you for that Job Profile. But one thing to keep in mind the Internship should not be random it should coincide with what degree you are taking and what job you need.


Preparing for the Future

So you have finally got a degree and a suitable job. What Next? Sit back, relax and do your job till you retire and think the world would take care of itself. No, you gotta go to the basics and start learning again with fundamental skills and keep learning and learning. The world is rapidly evolving, if you don’t keep up with it you are gonna be replaced in your job with a fresh candidate. You have gotta learning and evolving and keep pace with the market and its requirements. Education and Learning know no age limits. This education and skills and all this learning will not just help you in 2019 but year and year after that too.

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