Engineering syllabus-Placement in industries?

Do top placement colleges in Bhopal actually exist? Syllabus are generally regarded as the very foundation of professional learning – may it be Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, or any other course. On this foundation, we establish the structure of their future-career of the students. However, if the foundation is antiquated and deficit; structural strength (future of students) can be imagined easily. The syllabi are also regarded as plans of study or roadmaps. Whatever may be the nomenclature, it is clear that sound syllabus are a must for preparing professionals.

What are the essential characteristics of a good syllabus? Firstly, it should include fundamentals of the knowledge to be imparted to the students. Secondly, it should always keep pace with the developments in that profession. It is said that in every field or profession, knowledge doubles itself in every decade. In some fields like Electronics and Computer Sciences, it is even faster. If the students are unaware such developments, they will lag behind. On the basis of outdated syllabi, one should not expect to produce front-line professionals. Presently, this is happening particularly in case of engineering students. It has been claimed that 80% of qualified engineers are unemployable or say it more precisely qualified engineers are not skilled enough to get placed. This indicates towards the third important characteristic of the syllabus – that it should lay equal emphasis on skills. In the absence of professional skills, the course would be wholly theoretical in nature and will give rise to such complaints from the employment market. Apart from knowledge – both fundamental and latest one, an ideal syllabus is supposed to include ethical values which should form the basis of professional practice to be undertaken by the professionals.

The question is how to refurbish the syllabus that effectuates the requirements in regard to knowledge, skills and professional ethics. This cannot be done unassisted by the institutes alone. It can be continuously made relevant according to ever changing environment of the field with the help of entrepreneurs/ employers, researchers and the alumni of an institute or University. This team should stay updated with recent developments in the industrial world and try to incorporate these changes in the prevailing curriculum. However, it’s good to note that few institutes in MP like SGSITS and SISTec are aware about the changing demands, and keep them abreast – so as to duly cater the need of the industry. They have earned it to be known as one of the top placement colleges in Bhopal.

To conclude, it may be said that even a perfect syllabus is not an assurance for generating efficient professionals. After all, it’s a kind of roadmap and if the vehicle is on the fritz and the driver is not skilled, one cannot hope to reach the desired destination.

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