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Interview Skills That Will Help You Get Hired, Commonly Practised at SISTec


When it comes to an interviewee to appear for an interview, lot many of them are either perplexed or over prepared. Having met a lot of candidates before & after their interviews, I have found that clearing an interview is no rocket science. One must be thoroughly prepared & relaxed before & during an interview. After meeting HR’s of various companies, one big conclusion can definitely be drawn out that is “An Interviewer usually checks – how well a candidate carries on a conversation “. Yes you heard it right! You do-not have to pretend fake & brag over the answers. A genuine attitude is the most attracting attitude which you can carry in an interview.

Here at SISTec, We provide ample opportunities to accelerate the real potential of a student. We conduct multiple interviews & mock test to make them prepared for the final interview. This is biggest reason why our students are at their “Natural State” & confident during the process.

Here, I would like to emphasize on some of the preparation tips which would surely be helpful to a candidate appearing for an interview in the upcoming months.

1) GratitudeIn all the spheres of life, Gratitude is the key to unlock hearts. If a chance has been given to you to appear for a face-to-face interview, you must be thankful for it. Always wish the panel with warm greetings having a genuine smile on your face.  (This may make their day)

2) General Awareness An interviewee have to have basic information about their surroundings. Here, I would advise candidates to get a general idea of few “Hot Potato Topics” of the States & Country. An interviewer loves to discuss on healthy topics & this makes your conversation more interesting & surely helps in building a good REPO with each other. It also shows your attitude towards society that you ‘do care’ about what’s going on in and around the country. Here, your opinion before the interviewer does matter as it helps them to judge your perception & psychology to react to particular on-goings. This is the reason we conduct various Group Discussion Sessions to make our students more aware.

3) Command on at-least 2 subjects of your fieldWhen it comes to a novice, not much is expected from a Fresh Graduate. But you must have sound knowledge of at-least 2 to 3 subjects of your stream. Remember, you can be an expertise only in one or two subjects but should be able to showcase your theoretical & practical exposure for those subjects if Questions are being asked from it.

4) What if you don’t know an answerThis would be the most probable situation you would find yourself got stuck in. It happens to everybody. No matter how well prepared you are – If in case you forget or don’t know the answer to a particular question asked by the interviewer. Don’t lose Hope! Just stop pretending that you know the answer (Which you already don’t know!) Rather, why not try being smart?

In such situations, you can say – “Sorry, I could not recall the answer to this question at this moment of time” or simply say it out – “Sorry, I don’t know about this topic.” Sometimes, an honest reply can work out, but only if you have answered to the maximum of questions being asked.

5) Hobbies & InterestDo you like people of same pattern taking on the same topics “OR” vibrant people who are multi-talented & have got a unique personality. Let me make you clear here – An interviewer often gets bored talking on the same subjects in the same environment. They do like diversity in personalities. Your Hobbies may be the perfect catch at the moment. A person has to have at-least two to three amazing hobbies to show their fun part of personality. You can tell your interest in painting, dancing, gardening, music, novel reading, playing an instrument etc. It may happen that an interviewer may share a common hobby or interest & would like to further continue to talk to you on that basis. Believe it or not, showcasing your hobby in a way to impress an interviewer may double your chances of getting selected in an interview. (If you don’t have a hobby – make yourself interesting & develop a new one)

Few other useful & handy preparation tips (Before an Interview) for doubling your chance to get selected.

Write down your special & unique qualities, your subjects of interest etc on a piece of paper to recall & recite it back again for gaining maximum confidence to face an interview.

Carry another pair of clothes to wear if necessary (If your clothes get shabby & dirty, you can at-least have a back up)

Always go through the company’s website to check its Inception, Projects, and Subsidiaries etc

At last, from the “SAGAR GROUP” I would share the secret element which our students possess

Believe in yourself & do your best. Remember nobody is perfect but you can definitely be at your best on your own.

Who wonders you would be the next candidate to get selected.

ALL the Best Pals


Written By:

Prof. Pallavi Dixit

Assistant Professor

Department of Basic Science

Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec Ratibad Campus


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