A large no. of people is using smart phone these days & are getting used to internet banking .It has become an integral part of our life. We are so dependent on mobile phones, that we cannot imagine our lives without it. Our eyes always dazzles with the newly launched handsets, their versions & uncountable features.

Sagar group is much concerned about internet banking forgery & hacking. Therefore, we try researching on new ways & Guide our dedicated team to be more aware of such fraudulence.

We often transfer money online, use our debit/credit cards for shopping, book seats to travel through various apps. we always like the easy & smooth facilities like –ordering food online & getting it delivered directly at home without any inconvenience, getting decent discounts on first booking ,saving points & buying clothes, bag, jewellery & what not !Everything at one click.

Here we cannot deny the fact that there are threats in Internet banking which needs to be tackled .sometimes, we are being deceived while doing online transactions & many Internet banking users have actually lost hefty amount of money. This is when their pleasure turns into sorrows. In such conditions their world comes crashing down. After all everybody wants their hard-earned income to be used for good things which they like & not to be used by any robber.

In this Regard, Computer Science Department headed by MR. AJIT SHRIVASTAVA followed by our IT EXPERTS (Mr. SANDEEP PATEL & RISHI TIWARI) arranges seminars & expert lectures to provide our employees with the best measures to get escaped from such forgery.

We at SISTec also guide our valuable gems (our students) of the harmful effects of excessive usage of mobile phones.

Online- robbery is a matter of concern for all.

But need not to worry!

Here, I am sharing some of the easy ways to maintain security during online transactions.

Suggested safety measures for Internet Banking offered @ SISTec

1) Always access the registered website of the link. Do not follow any links sent in email.

2) Use strong passwords for logins. (Avoid choosing your name/birth-date/special days etc)

3) Do-not ever save your username or password on the app/login page.

4) Do-not use the same password for g-mail/social media/wallets/bank accounts.

5) Avoid third party pops software that pops-up while using other apps.

6) Install a good antivirus on your system or mobile for protection from virus &spyware.

7)) Always register with mobile banking, It will provide you an OTP (one Time password), which will be used only for that particular transaction. Usually, without OTPS the payment is not successful.

8) Always log out after the transaction is done.

9) Keep a copy of your transactions (mail it down/print it/save it).This may help if there is transaction-failure or deduction of extra charges. You can claim it!

10) Beware of Temptations/Phishing attacks -. Phishing is a kind of social engineering attack often which is used to steal user data, including login credentials &credit card numbers. some times in desire of  winning big amount of lottery, We share our bank details which is going to be very fatal.

We strongly recommend & encourage using the licensed operating system for PC’s & Laptops & installing anti-virus software in your Mobile phone before doing hefty online transactions for lesser risk.

Some reference links of our Expert talks & Exposure to Latest technologies –



                                  “HAPPY INTERNET BANKING”



Written By:                                              

 Prof. Pallavi Dixit

Department of  Basic Science

SISTec, Ratibad Campus


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