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Engineering education is not the same as it was in the early ’90s. It has massively developed and modified to keep up with the current trends. But is that true? No, many institutions still use the old methodologies that are irrelevant with today’s happening. Core engineering will not change that is for sure but today’s requirement for engineering education is to manoeuver itself and amalgamate with interdisciplinary streams. With recent inclinations in science and technology it is demand of time that engineering education needs to be intensified and developed to suit today’s requirement.

India has ‘n’ number of engineering institutes. Apart from IITs and NITs the education level of other private institutions is sub par. Millions of engineers graduate each year, most of them from core engineering branches like electrical, civil and mechanical, but are there adequate opportunities in the real world for their survival? The answer is NO, there isn’t enough demand that meets the supply. In such a case it is critical that the current education scenario needs to be revamped.

A tilt shift is in dire need towards the engineering education system in India. It is ridiculously tough to get a job with just a good degree. There is a huge gap within industry-academia. The tactic for this need to be interdisciplinary knowledge. One should not just focus on core subject but amalgamate it with related streams. Few examples that can be seen today are biomechanical engineering which is a subdiscipline of bioengineering. It applies principles of mechanical engineering to biological systems and originate from the scientific discipline of biomechanics. Similarly electrical engineering mixes well with embedded technology and an amalgamation of electrical and mechanical is in current demand that is producing varied ranges of electric vehicles.

Additionally just revamping education system won’t be enough. It will not be enough just getting a degree or completing a technical course, the personnel will have to focus on their “human and social skills” to survive in the workforce. With automation pretty much prevalent in all sectors of industry, human skills like leadership, motivation and emotional intelligence will be needed more than ever. In fact overall social skills such as persuasion, and teaching methodologies will be in demand across industries, as will cognitive abilities, such as creativity and mathematical reasoning, communication and complex problem solving capabilities.

In this fast-paced world, engineers need to be trained and developed to manage and keep-up the varied complexities and uncertainties of the industry. Ensuring that they are given practical knowledge so that they meet the needs of the present. This can be achieved through internship programs and refinement in evaluation system that pushes more towards a higher level of capability.If this intensifying tactic is pulled off, the engineering education system will mass-produce far more globally competitive, high-end engineers and make a mark for India in the global hi-tech marketplace.


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