Indian Mentality – A Bomb Ticking for Engineering Fraternity

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Engineering is the most preferred course for students who have scored well in 10+2 in Mathematics / Science Stream. Students compete for the best institutions and for this they prepare themselves by joining various coaching institutes to score well in entrance exams.

Since fewer seats are available in Medical, getting admissions in MBBS has become extremely difficult hence the next popular course in engineering.

Indian education system offers a combination of courses at 10+2 level which helps students to choose and prepare for medical/engineering.

The ideal higher secondary system would direct the students towards one of the two streams. Parents in India have this mentality there are only two streams which are best- Doctor/Engineer.

Its the mentality of the students to get admitted into a government college and if not that they try to opt for the best private engineering college.

But while choosing Engineering as an option people wrongly chooses a branch, because of improper guidance and lack of awareness parents and their wards follows wrong procedure.

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During counseling we notice that branch is chosen on the following basis:

  1. Student goes for a most popular branch.
  2. The branch giving good job opportunities at that time/ previous year.
  3. Influenced by some relative/neighbour/friends etc.
  4. Parental pressure.

Above criteria are completely inappropriate for selecting a branch. The correct way is to spend time in self-assessment and check whether the student’s aptitude in matching with the chosen branch, whether he/she is interested in that branch.

Because of such inappropriate methods, students after engineering remains jobless and dissatisfied. They become engineering graduates but not employed.

To overcome these problems, first of all, the parent must realize and free themselves from the society myths like- “Doctor/Engineer can only be successful in life.”

Secondly, if they want their ward to be a doctor/ engineer, they must be aware of the market, industry scenario, their ward’s interest and then they must decide their wards future.

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Every parent should try to find out their ward’s capability and interest. Marks scored in 10th or 12th class do not decide one’s intelligence. Also, it is not sure that student scoring highest marks will definitely get placed. But it is sure that if a student gets proper guidance and let move in proper direction will definitely become employable.

Sagar Institute Of Science & Technology is one of the Best Engineering colleges in Bhopal MP, that provides students studying in class 12th an opportunity to directly get themselves counseled by the professional counselors. It is a golden opportunity for the students living in Bhopal to learn various insights about the engineering courses.

Article by: Prof. Nikhil Pateria

Assistant Professor,

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Sagar Group of Institutions- Ratibad Bhopal

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  • 5th November 2017 at 8:46 AM

    Yes, Nikhil Sir that’s true & this is really a good step to bridge the unawareness gap. Nice initiative by Sagar Group.

  • 5th November 2017 at 3:51 PM

    Thanks sir it’s help us to choose right direction


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