Importance of Training in Overall Growth of the Student & Organization

In this dynamic world where innovation happens every day the requirement of implementing the new changes is huge to compete in this world. Thus, enhancing ones professional skills by training yourself. Training gives a kick starting to someone’s career. It is the stepping stone which paves path for your bright future.  Training helps the student to get equipped with conceptualized and relevant professional skills with values like hard work, sincerity and work ethics. Training helps the student to choose their right career. It provides knowledge, skill set and aptitude which can help to meet the industry needs.

As industry demands and look for energetic, vibrant individuals who are ready to accept challenges, has good academic background , confident, fast learners, open to all and most importantly good in communication skills, these all can be improved with practice. Thus training is the idol thing which let you go through various rounds helps to develop as an individual.

Keeping in view of the industry requirements, Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec designed the training curriculum preparing students for meeting the company needs. In this challenging scenario to become a golden star a CRT module i.e campus recruitment training is planned to enhance the communication skills , aptitude and logical ability of the students. Further every semester a technical training is planned in order to deal with this dynamic world.

Benefits of Training :

Improve performance:

Once a student get skilled in certain field but still some weakness is their then these will be transformed into strength as they get better understanding of the skill set.

Helps in Discovering your area of Interest

Training on different skill set help to explore different streams, roles and provides to choose flexible career and also reduces learning time.

Develop Interpersonal Skills          

This is of great importance as it bridges the gap using common platform to exchange information in a workplace.

Polish your Interdisciplinary Knowledge

It helps you in applying the knowledge gained in one discipline to another discipline as a way to deepen your learning experience.


To keep the students well averse with the continuously growing and upcoming technologies and to disseminate the necessary knowledge, SISTec always conducts varied amount of highly uplifting trainings , workshops &conferences  for the students. This helps them to come at par with the quintessential know-hows of today’s time, be it technical or extracurricular. This shows that is SISTec – Sagar Group of Institutions is really one of the best engineering colleges in Bhopal MP.


Written By:

Prof. Smriti Jain 

Assistant Professor 

SISTec – Department of CSE


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