Industrial visits! The term itself instills vast happiness and excitement in students. The concept of embarking on an academic trip encourages several. We know, theoretical knowledge isn’t enough for creating a decent skilled career. With an aim to travel on the far side academics, the industrial visit provides the student with a practical perspective on the globe of work. it’s the time that you just realize the importance of those visits and take them as a chance to be told regarding your dream career.

Industrial visits provide an excellent starting point to achieve practical knowledge. Students will observe and learn on however theoretical ideas are placed to into action, thereby aiding their practical learning. Students are exposed to real working atmosphere and shown however things are done in an organization. From the main points regarding the management to the targets they accomplish, everything is roofed in these visits.

Industrial visits are a whole package that aims at widening the information of students. It’s not simply an outing organized by college authorities for fun. These visits are associated with your academic curriculum, therefore you get to acquire things that are helpful to you within the future. They’re altogether academic in nature with wealthy learning expertise.

Industrial visits generate excitement among students as they get an opportunity to learn something outside the boundary of their college walls. Thus, it adds to a source of amusement additionally.

An industrial visit is your first-hand expertise to something associated with your career. It helps you gain energetic learning expertise. Colleges cannot afford to point out you the important methodologies of companies. Therefore, industrial visits are an excellent way to gain the maximum amount as practical and technical knowledge on your area of interest. Be it challenges involved in a specific area of interest or nuances to master the sector or scope, everything is covered in an industrial visit.

The gap between theoretical learning and practical exposure is truly bridged by industrial visits. The importance of commercial visits is specified it’s been created necessary in several institutions.

Also, students are always interested in what kind of work they’d be doing once getting into their preferred industry. Through industrial visits, they’ll clarify their doubts and silence their curiosities. They’ll communicate with individuals and organisations to urge a transparent plan of their dream job.

Sagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) is one of the best engineering colleges in Bhopal (MP), which emphasize on updating their students according to fast growing industrial revolution by organizing industrial visits. In these industrial visits, students learn new technologies which are being applied in industry. Recently students of EE visited Matatila Hydro Power station located at Jhansi 


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Prof. Kavita Kushwah

Department of Electrical Engineering

Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec Ratibad




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