How we are contributing well for society through education | Four Years Of Transformation

As we all know education plays a vital role in anyone’s life. Besides employment, it also gives the ability to judge the right and wrong things. School education helps the child to develop its overall abilities but tertiary education help to transform the person into a responsible and overall productive citizen.

When a child is entered into the college he is already ready with his career plans. Because of versatility, competition, influential opinions and n number of options affect the decision. The key step for the transformation is to select the right institution. The institution plays an important role to sharp the edges in prospective of the transformation. Instead of non-technical education, technical education has more importance because the whole world is living in the age of technology. Engineering undergraduate course takes four years to convert the person into a technocrat. Choosing the best engineering institution will set the people apart from the rest. In the first year, student get acquainted with the environment of engineering. he gets the basic knowledge of all branches of engineering. From second to the fourth year he gets the deeper knowledge of the respective discipline.

In these four years, he not only learn the subject but also to understand it and finally how and where to apply. The end result of the transformation is the application of the learning. These learnings from four years not only give the basic knowledge but also develop interpersonal skills. Engineering education is based on the transformation of techniques into real-world application.

Now the question is how this transformation will be done? So, the colleges act as a catalyst in this process, they provide the platform in which a student can apply his learning. Instead of giving the theoretical knowledge they also impart the practical knowledge by providing them strong foundation for practical approach. Different in-house semester break training courses gives the strong basic other than curriculum.

Sports also enhance the interpersonal skills, the institution should be chosen in such a way so that it provides a platform to showcase and groomed the talent of sports. Providing rigorous and focused training for personality development will definitely help to get through the firing from the recruiters at the time of interviews and group discussions. Student also develops their management qualities by organizing different activities and functions during these four years. By these activities student is able to work in group and show his multiple talents which is essential for him during the training period of his first job. This also helps him to be compatible to the environment and deal with people of different personalities.

For this transformation, it is really very important to select the best engineering college. These four years will decide the future of the student. These transformed technocrats are the assets for the country and contribute to the development of the country, eventually, build the future of the country.


Written By:

Prof. Akshada Kulkarni

Assistant Professor – Department of Basic Science

Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec



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