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The year 2020 is badly hit with the Coronavirus pandemic and as a precautionary measure governments are implementing a nation wide lockdown across the globe. In a swift move, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced that his government was enforcing a 21-day nationwide lockdown to combat the outbreak of Corona virus (COVID-19). This lockdown further continued for 14 more days marking Lockdown 2.0. In a stressed situation some of the state governments depending upon the extremity of the situation further continued it to Lockdown 3.0. However the public needs to be assured that both the union and state governments will ensure supply of essential goods and services so that people can easily stay put in their houses during these lockdowns.

The shutting down of schools, colleges, offices, businesses and public transport has significantly disrupted the lives of common people and economy as a whole. Students at different stages of their academic pursuits are finding it hard to keep up with their course developments even though teachers are offering online classes as well as other types of digital academic assistance. With examinations, entrance tests and interviews postponed, there is a great amount of uncertainty among students. However, it is important that the students, faculty members and general public utilize this time to brush up on their skills, find new avenues of knowledge and keep themselves prepared for a different future that awaits us on the other side of this crisis.



Research potential colleges/programs: While you are at home, you could do a deep study on colleges and programs that you are opting. It will be beneficial if students scan through each university/college website and understand its requirements so that they know exactly what preparations need to be done to get admission.

Prepare for standardized tests: With ample time at home, students should prepare for the entrance exams with the help of mock tests, or quiz templates to familiarize themselves with the test. Study the test pattern thoroughly, as these tests are unlike what they have encountered in your school or college education. Also, watch videos on YouTube or other e-learning platforms and learn about more tips and strategies to ace the exams.

Online Certifications: Take this time to boost your resume with various free/paid online certificates from various domains. Certificates related to some skill development can also be done. Online participation in various competitions/quizzes is also a great option during this lockdown period.

Draft a winning resume: As you are at home, take the time out to prepare a crisp, concise, error-free and well-drafted resume. While writing your resume, don’t beat around the bush or stray from the objective, enter details that are specific to your targeted program. Achievements in PUBG or TikTok won’t help you secure good points with the college admission committee. You should be specific and honest about your academics and co-curriculars as that is one of the things admission officers will appreciate. Checkout some sample resumes online to get a clear view of various ways of resume drafting

Work on social media presence: Social media can also help enhance your story and make your application credible. If you have not been diligent about what you post on social media, use this time to sweep clean of all the unwanted stories that can potentially damage your admission chances.

Read! Read! Read!: Reading is always helpful and a good way to enhance knowledge in various domains. Don’t restrict yourself to a particular choice of genre or author. Expand your horizons. The more you open your mind to new books, the richer your experience will be. During the lockdown many free portals are available from AICTE and various other digital libraries to enhance your knowledge.

Pursue new things: Students must pursue their hobbies or learn a new skill such as reading/writing novels, learning to play a musical instrument, cooking, learning a foreign language with online certification, watching good movies, developing models, making prototypes, apps, videos, paintings, etc. during lockdown.



The faculty members and students should make best use of online teaching/learning methods to cover the courses of this semester. Several members who need to improve their communication skills that include reading, writing, speaking skills should do so.

Members wishing to improve their technical understanding of some subject may pick up a classic textbook on the subject and read it completely. Reading a textbook thoroughly even multiple times helps clear your concepts.

A teachers’ profession is very dynamic in nature and keeps evolving. To keep up with the pace faculty members also need to do so. Take this precious time of lockdown to learn a new topic from your domain or experiment with interdisciplinary knowledge. 

Try doing things that will help in making your institute better and in improving the image of your institute by writing recommendations on their profiles. You could also write blogs/articles about your institute and its pedagogy on your personal social media platforms.

As a general suggestion do not waste your valuable time in indulging in non-fruitful activities. Use your time to learn new things and sharpen your skills, so that tomorrow you can contribute effectively in your profession and career.

Most of all during this lockdown take care of yourself and adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by the government.



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How to optimally utilise time during lockdown?
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How to optimally utilise time during lockdown?
The year 2020 is badly hit with the Coronavirus pandemic and as a precautionary measure governments are implementing a nation wide lockdown across the globe. In a swift move, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced that his government was enforcing a 21-day nationwide lockdown to combat the outbreak of Corona virus (COVID-19).
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