How to identify colleges that give you the best placement opportunity

Are there actually any colleges in Bhopal that give best placement opportunity? In today’s scenario academics and placements go hand in hand, every student dreams of getting placed before stepping out of the college after their degree. Even companies these days thrive for freshers who turn out to be good professionals; freshers those who are well acquainted with needs of the industry. They not only eye on freshers with an ace in core technical minutiae of the industry, but those who are also sagacious and competent enough to fetch good results for the company.  The next question which arises is that “where the companies could find such students?” it is simple, in colleges only; but are students themselves well equipped with these traits, which are imperative to fetch placement in a good company.

Training and placement are complementary to each other. Only good training can help students to get placed. But where a student can get himself trained for these traits? From my perspective, colleges should take initiative to train their students and make them apt as per the industry needs.  If such colleges actually exists, how a student can identify colleges that gives the best placement opportunities.

Students should take a close look at certain criteria before selecting a college, especially on the parameter of training and placement.

You should always take a close look at the previous year’s placement records of the college before actually finally giving it a thumbs up. Some colleges claim to have provided best placement opportunities in the first six months of the graduation and some during last year of your graduation. You must check whether the information provided by the college is authentic or not.

The reason behind why you should double check on this because some colleges publish fake records just in order to attract admissions. You can have word with the ex-students or alumni of the same college to clear the air. You should ask them about training sessions and modules that are being provided in the college.  Training sessions assures better performance in campus drives resulting in selection in good companies.

Apart from training, another important thing that you should cross-check is whether you get a chance to implement what you have learned during training. It is essential to practice things learned during training; it proves to be a confidence booster. Make sure hands-on practice is an integral part of training module of a college which will make you proficient other than academics.

Currently, colleges are paying more attention on placements as they help them get more admissions. As the ultimate goal of studies is to fetch a good job, so make sure you choose a college which apposite on these criteria and emerge as the college that gives you the best placement opportunities.

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How to identify colleges that give you the best placement opportunity
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How to identify colleges that give you the best placement opportunity
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