How to get higher Marks In Physics For JEE MAIN 2020

With just two months left for one of India’s most competitive exams, and every year, lakhs of students try their best to score high and qualify for JEE Advanced. According to the latest JEE Main pattern, the exam is held twice every year, giving students a better opportunity at giving it their best shot. Between the two exams, only their best scores will be considered for qualifying into JEE Advanced. The first session of JEE Main 2020 will be held IMPORTANT between January 6 and 11, 2020 next year.


  • When it comes to should plan your physics, focus on preparation for Magnetics. This is a high-physics over the scoring topic and a favorite of exam setters.
  • Another important topic is: to Electromagnetic Induction and AC. This is known for its numericals, so practice plenty of numerical.
  • Under Current Electricity, ensure that you fully understand ohm’s law, colour code for resistors and characteristics of conductors.
  • When it comes to Waves, don’t miss these tests in an out on SHM and the Doppler Effect.

By now, everyone should have completed or finished your syllabus. In case you haven’t, use these last 15 days of the month  in completing as much as you can. Give more weightage to topics that have been popular with exam setters in the past. There is a higher chance that they will follow a similar pattern in 2020.

This is when you stop leaning new concepts and take a subject-wise mock test every day. Every year; a large number of students find physics the toughest of the three, so you can spend some extra days on this subject. These mock tests will help you get used to the new paper pattern set by the NTA while letting you hyper-focus on one subject at a time. After every mock test, go through the solution carefully and map out questions where you went wrong. Brush up on those topics for the rest of the day so that you don’t repeat your mistakes.

Take these at the time of the day as your exam to train your body clock. You can also take these mock tests on complete learning apps where you can compete with students across India and know where you stand.

Quick revisions:  This is the most crucial period before your JEE Main exam. You need to keep yourself calm and not let the exam pressure affect you. At the same time, concentrate on your health so that you are fresh on your exam day — start eating healthy, drink plenty of water and juices, avoid out-side food, and get at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Along with a mock test every day, also revise one subject every day. This may see daunting at first, but use your notes and flashcards to go through the key formulae and theorems. In case you haven’t created short notes, many apps offer summaries and highlights of every chapter in the form of short concepts and stories for free.

Understanding it completely will go a long way in boosting your exam preparation. ALL THE BEST.


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