“Everyone knows that no nation rises above the level of its education”. It’s a universal truth sentence. As the literacy rate in any country improves, so the living standard of its people and also moral fundamentalism will also improve. Today the world looks at our country as an emerging giant due to its knowledge centric approach. Aggressive investment in education has brought about a high quality of money transformation. Since our organization always plays a significant role to the betterment of future for the student, a certain mass people as follows highlighted points which helped the purpose of strengthening towards the building of a nation.

The student learned about social &moral value, towards, self, society, family i.e. civilized person who may distinguish between bad or good so that crimes rate decreases, hence building up a nation.

The best quality of education provides the economical enhancement of self as well as improves the living standard of society so that building up a nation.

SISTec College facilitates an industrial based education, Since a skilled student may become a CEO, entrepreneur, leader, motivator, researcher, scholar, professionals, ethics towards self, family and society.

Sagar Institute of Science & Technology (SISTec) is known for its innovative ways of bringing professionalism amongst young budding engineers and always organizing various events and workshops like: SISTec Startup Meet, Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits, trainings & many more.


It is not surprising that our country has been applauded at a lot of international platforms for encouraging education among masses and supporting educational institutions by fulfilling all their needs to safeguard the delivery of quality education. It is due to this commitment that the best educational institutions in the world are opening their centers in a country. SISTec – SAGAR GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS  is one of them in central India.

We have better facilitators who realize that education is the central component in India’s development process. The plan of an execution should be well defined. We are utilizing to adopt modern techniques of teaching. All educators must create awareness that being literate is a way of being liberated, it is a mode of touching new horizons and encompassing difficulties to realize one’s complete potential.



Written By:

Prashant Kumar Bajpayee

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering Department

Sagar Group of Institutions -SISTec


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