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Green Energy is the energy formed from a sustainable, renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly with no limited supply. Nowadays different conventional energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas are very harmful and polluting the biological system. The green power is not significant enough to be comparable with conventional fuels because of its high capital cost. Since its value is continuously growing day by day as it is beneficial considering the global scenario. The term green means that they are environmental friendly working against some forms of pollution without depleting resources.

Tidal power is produced through tidal stream generators or by barrage generation in which energy created by tidal generation is more environmentally friendly with less impact on ecological systems. This form of energy is considered as the most certain source of energy.

Solar power is another source which uses solar energy and converts it into electrical power usually known as PV cells. It is being now considered as an ample source of energy.

Nowadays the advancement is done in the field of solar power as highly efficient PV cells are made having low cost. These PV cells are used to build solar panels; many projects are undergoing to make maximum use of solar energy as this is a synonym to clean energy.

These days vehicles with a lower value of emission of gases to the ecosystem are categorized as Green vehicles as they are environmentally friendly. These vehicles are manufactured in such a way that they reduce the cost of energy being used by the engine as if by petroleum or any other conventional energy source.  The electric cars that use less fuel are considered to be more efficient than the fuel-cell powered cars. This vehicle has high initial cost due to the use of batteries but they do not produce pollutant gases which are a threat to our environment. However battery oriented use less petrol hence cheaper to manage though needs often charging. One can also create a green vehicle by maintaining their vehicle properly by regularly changing the oil, engine turn-ups and maintenance of proper tire pressure. Use of green vehicles is advantageous as it reduces the release of greenhouse gases that cause pollution to the environment thus dropping the effects of global warming. Human health is also improved as these emissions are also known to cause respiratory diseases as well as lung cancer which lead to early mortalities.

Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec is the only engineering college in MP which organizes some specialized training in every semester in which industry professionals are giving project-based hands-on experience to the students.

The students are updated through various expert lectures about the advancement in the field of renewable energy by eminent professionals from industrial backgrounds and academicians. We at Sagar Institute of Science and TechnologySISTec are emphasizing that our student learn more about the present developments in Science & Engineering indeed of the curriculum.


Written By:
Prof. Shraddha Udgir

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SISTec




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