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A great leader should have high propensity, expertise and acquaintance. Engineers go through rigorous technical education spread over four years, where they learn logical methods of problem solving. However, majority of universities or colleges don’t offer soft-skills courses for engineering students. Even companies don’t spend money or energy on developing ‘people skills’. Organisations don’t offer formal learning and development programmes for fresher’s. As a result, even after joining a job, most engineers don’t possess sufficient people skills and expertise in leadership or management skills. In order to be great leaders, engineers need to manage emotional intelligence. This is the building block for other leadership skills necessary for producing a high-performance teams. Self-awareness, and emotional intelligence (El), make a leader excel in critical areas like communication and listening skills, coaching and mentoring, conflict resolution and talent management. The great news is that leadership skills can be learned.

In his latest book What Makes a Leader: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters, Dr. Daniel Goleman writes, “The best leaders have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is twice more important as IQ or technical skills and it can be learnt.”

In SISTec a two-day workshop on Emotional Intelligence organised by AICTE in collaboration with IgnitedMinds.  LINK:

The way ahead to becoming CEO, Engineers can and do make great leaders. According to a Harvard Business Review report from 2014, 24 of the 100 top performing CEOs had educational background in engineering. Efficiency, reliability and the ability to navigate through tradeoffs come naturally to engineers. If in addition to the technical skills, engineers are guided and coached properly in engineering management and leadership skills, the percentage of engineers among top CEOs can even be higher.

COMPETENT PROFESSIONALS Engineers are process driven — analytical and logical. They love to figure out how things work. They are innovators, usually good at maths and science. It is mandatory to supplement the analytical strengths and IQ of engineers with soft skills and emotional intelligence so that they can deal successfully with co-workers.

In the same concept, Sagar Group of Institutions – SISTec organised SAGAR MANTHAN every year for the engineering students. Sagar Manthan, the 360-degree development cum campus-recruitment-training program. Behind its well-designed framework is the notion of increasing the overall employability index of our budding engineers. The program was organized to focus on soft-skills, personality development, management skills and extra-curricular development of the students.

Many experts from the industries came to address the students of SISTec and briefing key elements of personality and how to win in every situation, made students aware of few basic skill sets required to enhance the performance at Industry level and also make them aware about confidence parameter and an in-depth aspect of overall development. For More:

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