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Dreamt of getting into a reputed Engineering College? Well you have to crack JEE to do so. It is a requisite to crack both JEE Main and JEE Advanced in order to achieve your dreams. National Testing Agency (NTA) organises the JEE Main once in January. The second session will be conducted in April. The best of the two scores from either of the January/April sessions of the JEE 2020, will be considered while preparing the selection list. Both the January and April sessions will be computer-based tests. Students who further clear the cut off in the JEE Main will be able to appear for the JEE Advanced scheduled on May 17.

In order to attempt JEE one should familiarize itself with the past year paper trends. Some common tips for cracking the exam are time management as well as segment wise covering important topics in each of physics, chemistry and math subjects, while also keeping in mind the exam pattern. The result of JEE Main 2020 will also serve as a portal for admission to undergraduate programmes in the NITs, IITs and GFTIs.


Primary nervousness:
The exams are just weeks away and most students’ nerves get flickering. The competition is strong, will I be able to overcome it? These types of questions arise in one’s mind. Well the playing ground is same for all, making it or breaking it will depend upon how you have prepared for it and how you perform in the exams. You have skipped some topics, should you prepare now? Well not really. Starting afresh with new topics can hinder with what you have already prepared. Revise and strongify the formulas and content already prepared. Do not compare your position with your peers. That makes situation worse. Believe in what you have prepared. On the day of the exam it will be your preparation that will help you achieve your dream, not your peers’. Simply don’t compare, if you have got it you will achieve it.


Some prerequisites before exam:

  • Carry your JEE Main 2020 Admit Card. Read the instructions carefully and try to comply with them.
  • Pulling an all nighter is never a good option. Take proper sleep, this should be your daily routine prior to the exam.
  • Eat healthy and home-made food, avoid junk food, healthy body leads to a healthy mind.
  • Read the instructions carefully, once you get the question paper.
  • Be mentally and physically prepared for everything.


Subject Preparation:

Check out the previous years’ question papers to keep up with the trends. Calculus and algebra are topics which need to be given more attention along with geometry. Topics such as mathematical reasoning, statistics and determinants, are the scoring topics which can increase your score card.

Past year trends show that mechanics, electricity and magnetism are the repetitive topics from which questions are usually asked. Thermodynamics is the most important topic, both in physics and chemistry. Wave optics is a smaller topic to cover,when compared to ray optics. Vectors need to be studied briefly in detail, it is troublesome for most students. Modern physics is theoretical, yet some good scoring points can be obtained if studied well.

Primary focus should be given to conceptual clarity and application skills. Topics such as mole concept, chemical equilibrium, and electrochemistry are usually asked often. Under inorganic chemistry topics such as chemical bonding, structures, processes, applications and coordination chemistry must be given special attention. Try to attempt theoretical questions first before attempting the numerical ones.


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