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Engineering Skills” — This terminology is a combination of two words that are engineering and skills (obviously). So an Engineer is those who design and build or we can say a problem solver of our modern world. Skills whenever we talk about this term, what comes in our mind? A person who has abilities, experience, or a master of his working stream whether it’s personal or professional. “Engineering Skills” are those skills which an engineer student or employee must necessarily possess in order to run the company or to enter into the corporate or industry.


Now the question comes in mind what skills, does an engineering student should possess? How these skills help an engineering student? From where should an engineering student develop these skills? All these questions should arise in the mind of an engineering student. All these questions should come across many times in the mind of students those who wanna build their career into the corporate sector or to become an entrepreneur.


These skills are a subset of technical and soft skills. Here we will discuss how Sagar Group of Institutions helps their students to achieve all these technical and soft skills. Because the most essential role is played by college only in gaining these skills to students for their professional career.


  • Analytical Thinking Skill: 

The first and foremost is analytical thinking or we can say an analytical mind. Analytical thinkings are critical thinking to solve the problems quickly. Students having these skills is a quick problem solver because they broke the complex problems into manageable components and solving it step by step in a quick manner.

Sagar College‘s Training and Development programs help their engineering students to develop analytical thinking by reading books, conducting seminars and webinars, make them learn by observing how things work. Analytical skills are the main key that a hiring manager looks for at the time of campus placements. On the basis of good analytical skills, a student can gather information and analyze the data accordingly to generate reports for helping an organization take the decision or predict their future goals.


  • Time Management:

In the engineering stream or any other corporate entity, there will always be a timeline for the completion of a job. If there is no timeline then there is no estimation of duration. The estimation of duration is necessary because to calculate the efficiency of an employee in the corporate world. During their engineering program in Sagar Institute’s faculties provide assignments to the students which they have to submit during a specified time limit. Such assignments may be typed or handwritten. But students must submit assignments or tasks given to them during their mentioned time limits. In the corporate world, only those students survive or achieve promotions who stick to the specified time limit.


  • Teamwork Skills:

Any time in college, an activity is organized teamwork is always required. Because there are many works in an office that need to be completed with the help of team or teamwork. Teamwork is essential because it teaches etiquette to students regarding the work in a team under the guidelines. In Corporates, no Engineer works alone all of them work in teams. Teamwork finishes the given task fast and involves the contribution of the mind and hard work of the team.

Faculties at SGI Bhopal ensure many team-based tasks and the most important point they cover while making a team is no one is favourite of another one, or friends in one single group together. Because in offices different cultures of employees are working together as a team. So the faculties create such teams because students work out of their comfort zone of friends by building bonding and work etiquettes.


  • Technical Skills:

Students must have knowledge of Maths, Science, Basic Engineering and Technology which helps them in grasping the other technical skills. During their four years of engineering students build up lots of technical’s skills. Colleges of Sagar Group helps students in building technical skills by various programs or through their study pattern, by involving students more and more into practical trainings. Such training is during their internship program. Technical training means students have up to date knowledge of their engineering stream industry trends and news. SISTec also provides engineering-related training courses through webinars and seminars which help students to build up their Technical skills. At the time of placements, the employers look out majorly about the technical skills of the students like how much a student is updated about the industry news and trends. Because what Employers believe is students have basic knowledge and willing to undergo different pieces of training since most companies use work on different software and systems.


  • Interpersonal Skills:

When someone shakes hand with you or talk to you so they know about your Interpersonal skills. In an engineering student, these skills are vital to developing every day. SISTec College Bhopal helps develop such interpersonal skills by organizing small training sessions during the engineering programs because such skills need to be brushed upon on a daily basis. Interpersonal skills include communication skills also recorded the formal and informal communication of a student. An employee looks for a positive attitude towards the organization, himself, and other circumstances under a student hired by them for their organization. SISTec helps students practice in their interpersonal skills by cooperating in the workplace, interacting with people in a friendly and professional manner, and being responsible and accountable for work assigned to you.


  • Leadership and Management Skills:

In an organization, Engineers are leaders and managers because when a task is assigned there is one engineer who leads out of the team or handling the team. Engineers out to be managers or leaders in the organization. Sagar Institute of Science and Technology develops leadership and management skills in students during four years of their engineering program. Engineers are assigned with different roles and responsibilities during their employment, so the student must possess these skills. As a leader, one must be able to assess and utilize its member’s strength and abilities in order to maximize the manpower and build an efficient and effective team. Getting along with your peers is just as important as being able to manage a process or project well. Leadership is a never-ending path and it is the ultimate success on your personal development journey.


  • Innovation:

Being an Engineer student must be innovative because the Recruiters have this major demand for Innovative and creative engineers for their organizations. The problem-solving capabilities are higher for such innovative students. Therefore SISTec College helps to boosts innovative and creative ideas of the students by organizing various campaigns that are handled and run by the students with the support of the faculties during the campus and in other competitions too of inter colleges. Such Innovation is high in demand nowadays as per industry trends.


Becoming an engineer is not rocket science, it is a combination of all technical and soft skills which is required or we can say the demand for the industry. If you’ve got a passion for science and technology, a sound grasp of mathematics and engineering principles, and a good grounding in the industry through university or work experience, you’re on the right track to a career in engineering. SISTec is the college that helps every student to become skilful because to enter into corporate world skills are important one student can get a degree but if he or she doesn’t possess skills so there survival or success is not possible in the corporate world.

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Engineering Skills To Make It In The Corporate
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Engineering Skills To Make It In The Corporate
Engineering Skills are those skills which an engineer student or employee must necessarily possess in order to run the company or to enter into the corporate or industry. SISTec College Bhopal helps develop such interpersonal skills by organizing small training sessions during the four-year engineering program.
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