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ENGINEERING : A beautiful definition that science has that it provides a platform for systematic study of
subject. All that we have learned during our school day Science gives us concept to understand the
life. It develops the philosophical way to see understand and feel the concepts. We studied many
things in our life as they are but there are many things hidden. To understand the hidden concept
we should have philosophical way to think. All branches of study gives us new understanding of life.
People are living their life using those concepts without having the idea that they are using those
concepts. If have realisation it provides so much satisfaction happiness and joy in their mind. This
realisation gives us the idea of application of it. In previous time this idea provokes the people to
learn a subject and concept this way. This is the very interesting way of learning. It is just like living
with the nature and knowledge. In ancient age the saint and the person who practices the
spirituality have so much knowledge this way because they study the subject in connection with
nature and spirituality and in broader sense with the God. In modern sense we can take it as the
study of Engineering.

Engineering is not only a branch of study it is a way of learning and living. Engineering provides us
a big platform to use our knowledge, idea and thought for the betterment of society. It is very
interesting and useful way to study the concepts which we have learned throughout life. Engineering
provides the new ideas to make the life better and more comfortable. Engineer as a person is a
human being having a different point of view. Every person has an Engineer inside his personality.
This can be seen in his ability and way to solve the problem. Engineering is adjective and adverb too.
It gives us quality to learn and work. Not going branch specific it is applied to each branch of
engineering. We all have a responsibility to serve the nation and society. Being a technical degree
person an engineer has a big responsibility for the society. An engineer lives in a beautiful world
created by him. God has given us equal potential to learn and understand anything. The difference is
out way of thinking. The engineering gives a new point of view.

After completion of his degree an engineering student has learnt a lot. Most important thing is he
learns time management hard work dedication with good attitude and many more. I am not saying
that all successful people are engineer but most of them are engineer. After completion of his
degree an engineer has lot of job option. A person with technical knowledge and engineering degree
can apply in private sector as well as in government sector.


Written By:
Dr. Sumit Kumar Dekate
Associate Professor
Basic Science, SISTec – GN


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