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The enormous field of Engineering has been around for centuries and probably one of the few streams surviving for this long and still diversifying and expanding. In the past only few core streams of Engineering were available i.e. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical but with recent advancements in Science & Technology a lot of diversified fields have come to light, namely Computer Science, Biomedical, Biomechanical, Aerospace, Mining and many more. Engineering streams available in the present scenario is integration and amalgamation of core streams with various diversified fields.


Is Engineering still worth it?
The year is 2019 and there is a common word among masses that  engineering has somehow lost it’s value and respect as it used to have in the late 90s and before that. However that is not true, it is still thriving and surviving because it is a field that will go on forever as long as development is around. The statement that one is pursuing engineering in itself is of great repute.


How Engineering can be saved?
Well, the field of Engineering is still in demand but the industry requirement is for capable and competent engineers with technical know-how and specific skill-sets. Today’s industry requires engineers with certain specific skills to meet the job requirement. It is with technical skills and practical knowledge that engineering can survive. However, recent trends demand soft skills along with technical ones. An engineering aspirant needs to up his game with good employability and soft skills like good communication, social and emotional intelligence, etc.


Why engineering and from where to pursue it?
Engineering is all about practical knowledge and one should opt for engineering only if he/she is willing to apply his/her knowledge to solve real-world problems by researching and experimenting. To access this knowledge a good engineering institution is a must that focuses on practical and industry oriented knowledge and encourages students to learn by doing and not by reading.


How to develop the necessary skills for good employability?
With a good college already decided it comes to learning attitude of the student. If they want to pursue engineering just for the fun of it then they should not cry when they don’t get good placements. To earn a good placement they need to work for it. Primarily they need to have a can-do attitude. In addition to it they need to keep evolving and improving their skills along with interdisciplinary knowledge. The remaining gap between learning skills and applying them can be bridged by internships during their course of learning only and not after graduating. It is found that students going for an Internship has an extra edge over its competitors.


What to do after getting employed?
You have worked for long four years to achieve that degree you wanted and a job that you have dreamt of but is it enough? No it is certainly not. You can’t relax just because you have a job. You need to evolve and learn again, start from the basics again and keep learning to cope up with new advancements. Once you have developed a skill, you need to work on it so that is remains polished and doesn’t get rusted.


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