Digital World: Get Trained First, to Use

The digital systems are widely accepted to regular governmental operations like Banking, Transport, Health, public domain services, defence operations, Vigilance and surveillance systems etc. The acceptance was based on promising security systems and technologies working behind the scene.

In INDIA digitization is like a boon as it is the fastest way to reach to people and offer services. The citizens are also welcoming digital operations because of its ease of operational nature so the demand is increasing tremendously. Here there is another side of coin as lack of awareness and less literacy rate some citizens are getting affected with the consequences of misusing ones identity for fraudulent activities by intruders.

Some of these activities are as follows:

  1. Fake Phone calls: Asking for credit or debit card information with the fake warning of blocking the card or services.

Action: As the fake call receives, note the number, file a report to cyber cell with details, by this we can demoralize such people.

  1. Fraudulent links: Fraud links sent to hi-jack the users account by E-mail or pop-ups.

Action: Use valid app published by bank duly checks the app publisher company at app-store. Avoid installing app from unknown sources. Avoid installing un-trusted apps in mobile phone, as they can spy data. Properly check app permissions at the time of installation; also verify the scope and uses of permission. Always read the privacy policy of publisher which clearly mentions the data and cookie policies.

  1. Phishing Websites: Weaponising software by installing malicious scripts, Fraudsters send fake emails or set up fake web sites that mimic real website of a company sign-in pages. Some background scripts on these websites reads data, fraudsters try to trick user into providing user name and password so that they can gain access to an online account.

Action: Always check website name properly (preferably “https://” protocol along with company SSL certificate), one letter mirror image or mixed words may take you to hacker’s website where they can misuse data. Avoid unknown web-links received by E-mail.

  1. 3rd party Tools: 3rd party tools are just like giving keys of your house to 3rd In this case that party can reads complete or part of data of your online operation for its own use or sell it to digital market.


Action: Take the complete visit of associated allies and verify their scope and uses policies


Career possibilities: Cyber security is predicted to be a $35 billion market opportunity with over 1 million jobs according to NASSCOM; however, the year 2021 is said to exceed 3.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs around the world. The financial sector alone is expected to hire over 2 lakh people while other sectors like power, oil & gas, airlines, law and order, e-governance etc. will hire the rest. To cater to this ever growing demand, a plan to create a workforce of 5 lakh skilled cyber security professionals has also been outlined by Government of India through the National Cyber Security Policy 2013.

There is a saying “before using it gets trained in it”. SISTec Sagar Group of Institutions Bhopal, working on this philosophy as various seminars on Cyber-Security organised time-to-time to spread cyber awareness in Faculties and Students. Digitization made a fantastic change in the world but it is a two edged sword. The advantages can only be cherished if the awareness is spreaded to each and every people of country.

SISTec – Department of Computer ScienceComputer Society of India (CSI) is organizing events like guest lectures on cyber crime, cyber security and many more . Find More Info Here




Written By: 

Prof. Dharmendra Narayan Jha

Assistant professor, Department of CSE

SISTec-Ratibad Campus


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