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Most of the great ideas in one’s life remain dormant because people don’t have the courage, resources, time and money to take action. For those who want to take action, most are unprepared and so  find themselves spending their valuable time and money on a dream that simply gets lost.

There is an old saying which goes, “If it were easy – everyone would do it.”

Converting a Great Idea into a Reality – In this regard, you are alone in this and the journey will require you to learn about yourself – more than anything else will in your career. The process of converting an idea into a reality is a repetitive cycle, if you want to retain the idea alive over long-time. For example, we see this on a regular basis with companies based on great ideas that when they were not remaining innovative and/or competitive they lost their market positions. If you are not participating in either of faithful activities, you must again evaluate purpose, what you stand for and your desire to be relevant. Everyone must be a part of cultivating innovation.

Employees are least efficient at multiplying the opportunities inherent in the initial task they were asked to complete. Yes, we should be concerned about our abilities to remain competitive, both as an individual and in our organization.

Define the problem and solution. The aim is create boundaries in the idea making process. Break the problem down. Use a visual technique, like drawing, sketching etc.

Search for the perspectives of outsiders. In other words, do not solve the problem in a vacuum. Move away before you congregate.

You want to type some conflict into your discussions. “Start by asking participants to write down many ideas for five to 10 minutes. It has two benefits. First, it gives introverts–who may be shy about sharing their suggestions in a larger group setting–a chance to maximize their participation. Second, there are lots of ideas on paper before the discussion. Then begins prevents the group from rallying around any specific solution too soon.”

Create a plan to learn. Your ideas, no matter how perfect they appear on their “resume” will all contain assumptions that are need testing.

There are certain things you must actively do to convert ideas into reality:

  1. Believe in Yourself (Confidence)
  2. Create Own idea (Innovation)
  3. Hold Risk as Best Friend
  4. Be Patient
  5. Learn about how to present Vision
  6. Connect the Dots to find your goal
  7. Be Passionate
  8. Be Purposeful
  9. Focus on your goal
  10. Create the idea for society
  11. Make Work Life Balance
  12. Take decisions
  13. Develop understanding and observations


Written By:

Prof. Pankaj Vyas

Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics & Communication – SISTec


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